Townsend boy raises $500 for Children’s Hospital

TOWNSEND –Tyler Dunbar, 6, of Townsend saw the abundance this summer’s great weather brought to his family’s garden and decided to share it with the community to help children less fortunate than him.

“Out of the blue, my son Tyler came to me and my husband Sean and said he was thinking of selling our vegetables to raise money for kids that don’t have what he has. It shocked us both. It’s something you would expect from someone older — it’s such a big-boy concept,” said Dawn Dunbar.

Tyler came up with the idea Sunday, Aug. 15. Dawn Dunbar called Children’s Hospital Boston the following Monday and officials were very supportive of the idea. The hospital sent out donating signs, banners and balloons and set up an online donation website for the family. Tyler also made his own homemade signs for the event.

The event was held Saturday, Aug. 21 in front of Tyler’s grandparent’s home in Princeton. Dawn and Sean Dunbar are so proud of Tyler and were inspired to take action to help him make his goal of reaching $150.

All the vegetables sold came from the Dunbar family and Tyler’s grandparents’ garden, except for the corn, which was donated by Honey Moon farm in Lunenburg. The families are so grateful for the fresh corn donation. With online donations and proceeds from the garden stand, Tyler managed to meet his original goal and exceed it to raise $500 for Children’s Hospital Boston.

“We stood at the stand all day and my little brother helped me too and my family. Next year I’d like to have a lemonade stand as well,” said Tyler.

Both Dawn and Sean thought it was important for Tyler and the whole family to bring the donation themselves to Children’s Hospital Boston.

“We could have met locally with officials to give them Tyler’s donation, but we wanted him to see directly where his donations were going and the children and families he was helping,” said Dawn Dunbar.

The family went into Children’s Hospital Boston on Wednesday, Aug. 25, and met with Developmental Associate Tara Hardimon to present Tyler’s donation. Tyler was presented with an oversized check in his donation amount, along with a certificate and goodie bag for his efforts.

Dawn Dunbar said that Children’s Hospital Boston had never had anyone ask about selling vegetables to raise money for donations. Now, because of Tyler’s efforts, the hospital will develop a vegetable fundraising kit for future fundraising efforts.

Tyler will be going into first grade this year. He has a brother, Brady, 2 and a half, and a sister, Haley, 9 months. Tyler enjoys football, hockey and soccer. His smile is infectious and he is very playful. Tyler seemed to love showing the reporter around his garden where he helps his father weed, pick, and water the vegetables. The reporter was fortunate to receive a bag of vegetables that Tyler picked. Wise beyond his years, this young boy was so thankful for all the help he received to reach and exceed his fundraising goal and to help those less fortunate than himself. In the span of one week a thought was put into action by parents who listened and were inspired by the ideas of their young child. His story is an incredible accomplishment for our younger generation and a credit to the parents we have here in our community.