AYER — Could it be that 20-year old Erik Duncanson really likes playing with “Hot Wheels”? Not Matchbox cars, but stolen motor vehicles, that is.

Days after Duncanson called Ayer Police on Aug. 6 to surrender and admit to stealing a car in Ayer, Groton Police arrested Duncanson on Aug. 26 for driving another reported stolen car from Ayer.

In the most recent case, a 2009 Ford Fusion was reported stolen in Ayer on Aug. 15. Groton Patrolman Cory Waite observed the car parked in Groton while on patrol by town conservation land on Aug. 26. Waite approached the car and determined the engine was still warm.

Groton Police Detective Ed Sheridan and Ayer Police Detective Andrew Kularski joined Waite for a stake-out. When two men entered the stolen car, the police moved in.

Duncanson, who provided a Fitchburg address, was arrested on charges of receiving stolen property over $250. Passenger Doug Cerone, 25, of Fitchburg, faces the same charge.

It was just 20 days earlier that Duncanson called Ayer Police on Aug. 6 and surrendered to Kularski and Officer Richard Krasinskas after Duncanson admitted stealing a 1990 blue Mazda Miata in Ayer on Aug. 2 and using the victim’s credit cards left in a wallet in the car.

Nashoba Publishing posted the man’s image from a surveillance picture on Aug. 5, which led to tips to the police on the man’s identify. But Duncanson surrendered before police could track down the leads.

Duncanson told Ayer police at the time that he didn’t want a warrant hanging over his head and so he turned himself in. In the Ayer arrest, Duncanson reported that he was homeless. Duncanson still faces charges of theft of a motor vehicle and larceny of a credit card in the Ayer incident.