Monday, Aug. 16

A.M. 8:23, Lowell Road, animal complaint; 9:36, Redskin Trail, assist municipal;

P.M. 12:06, Shelters Road at Laurel Lane, suspicious vehicle; 12:17, Old Ayer Road at Worthern Drive, assist other police department; 1:08, Smith Street at Old Ayer Road, suspicious vehicle; 3:07, Boston Road. fire alarm; 3:21, Redskin Trail, vandalism; 4:43, Northwoods Road at Longley Road, suspicious person; 517, Ames Road, vandalism; 5:58, Skyfields Drive, fire alarm; 9:59, Bayberry Drive, annoying phone calls;

Tuesday, Aug. 17

A.M. 1:05, Pleasant Street, motor vehicle accident with personal injury; 8:26, Main Street, ambulance; 10:00, Pleasant Street, general services;

P.M. 12:46, Lowell Road, animal complaint; 2:27, Hillside Avenue, ambulance; 7:45, Pepperell area, ambulance; 10:08, Main Street at Fitchs Bridge Road, noise complaint;

Wednesday, Aug. 18

A.M. 4:32, Cow Pond Brook Road, business alarm; 7:36, Willowdale Road, assist citizen; 8:50, Boston Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 9:07, Forge Village Road, ambulance; 10:19, Pleasant Street, assist citizen;

P.M. 12:14, Boston Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 12:51, Pepperell Road, elderly offenses; 1:29, Pleasant Street, assist citizen; 2:06, Lowell Road at Old Dunstable Road, ambulance; 4:03, Skyfields Drive, residential alarm; 7:36, Champney Street, fire alarm; 7:47, Gratuity Road, suspicious person; 10:35, Lost Lake Drive, animal hit by motor vehicle; 10:51, Hayden Road, suspicious activity;

Thursday, Aug. 19

A.M. 12:56, Overlook Drive, fire alarm; 5:12, Valley Road, missing person; 8:03, Main Street, animal bite; 10:57, Fox Run, suspicious vehicle; 11:23, Lowell Road, animal complaint;

P.M. 1:07, Longley Road, suspicious vehicle; 4:12, Shirley Road, fire alarm; 4:46, Boston Road, lost property; 7:16, Main Street, business alarm; 8:50, Lowell Road at Gay Road, malicious mischief;

Friday, Aug. 20

A.M. 2:19, Pleasant Street, general services; 4:10, Main Street, suspicious person; 9:53, School Street at Main Street, natural gas leak; 10:33, Lost Lake Drive, malicious mischief; 10:49, Main Street, lost property; 11:29, Lowell Road, animal complaint;

P.M. 1:09, Whistlepost Lane, larceny over $250; 1:25, Pepperell Road, breaking and entering building; 2:34, School House Road, trespassing person; 2:49, Whiley Road, suspicious person; 3:02, Whiley Road, general services; 4:04, Valliria Drive, suspicious person; 8:51, Valley Road, general offenses; 10:24, Shirley area, assist other police department;

Saturday, Aug. 21

A.M. 12:24, Farmers Row at Pleasant Street, general services; 8:59, Moose Trail, ambulance; 9:15, Moose Trial, ambulance; 10:03, Old Homestead Road, general services;

P.M. 1:22, Lowell Road at Main Street, motor vehicle accident no damages; 4:07, Boston Road, suspicious vehicle; 6:58, Willowdale Road, ambulance; 7:06, Sand Hill Road, by-laws solicit; 8:51, Longley Road, fireworks discharge;

Sunday, Aug. 22

A.M. 3:16, Duck Pond Drive, suspicious activity; 6:27, Orr Road, fire; 9:21, Main Street, fire;

P.M. 12:21, Cypress Road, fire; 2:54, Hill Road, ambulance; 10:22, Forge Village Road, ambulance;

Monday, Aug. 23

A.M. 3:01, Chicopee Row, business alarm; 6:45, Lowell Road, animal hit by motor vehicle; 8:24, Townsend Road at Town Line Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 9:01, Willowdale Road, fire alarm; 10:54, Valley Road, ambulance;

P.M. 12:46, Old Lantern Lane, attempted breaking and entering; 1:40, Prescott Street, juvenile general; 3:38, Longfellow Road, assist citizen; 7:21, Fairway Drive; residential alarm;

Tuesday, Aug. 24

P.M. 1:34, Boston Road, found property; 7:05, Forge Village Road at Gilson Road, suspicious person; 10:17, Main Street, business alarm;

Wednesday, Aug. 25

A.M. 1:08, Cherry Tree Lane, building found open; 6:31, Adams Avenue, business alarm; 10:02, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 10:31, Pleasant Street, ambulance;

P.M. 12:10, Lowell Road, animal complaint; 1:09, Nate Nutting Road, lost property; 1:31. Martins Pond Road at Blossom Lane, animal complaint; 1:23, West Main Street, ambulance; 1:47, Pleasant Street, return property; 4:02, Boston Road, hit and run accident; 10:30, Main Street, suspicious vehicle;

Thursday, Aug. 26

12:36, Stone Bridge Way, suspicious vehicle; 9:10, Townsend Road, recover 07 motor vehicle; 9:21, Townsend Road, vandalism; 10:14, Powderhouse Road, business alarm; 10:23, Valliria Drive, ambulance; 11:40, Fairway Drive, residential alarm;

P.M. 12:20, Fairway Drive, vandalism; 5:10, Martins Pond Road, civil complaint; 8:47, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 10:49, Main Street at Playground Road, suspicious person;

Friday, Aug. 27

A.M. 12:16, Court Street, parking violation; 1:56, Fieldstone Drive, building found open; 6:46, Longley Road at Breakneck Road, litter/trash; 9:26, Lovers Lane, litter/trash; 11:20, Main Street, fire;

P.M. 2:47, McLains Woods Road, fire alarm; 6:35, Pleasant Street, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 6:36, Main Street, business alarm; 11:33, Longley Road, assist citizen;

Saturday, Aug. 28

A.M. 4:36, Forge Village Road, fire alarm; 5:58, Hill Road, suspicious vehicle; 8:04, Main Street, larceny under $250; 8:58, Brookfield Drive, fire; 9:22, Arrow Trail, vandalism;

P.M. 12:01, Favell Road, larceny under $250; 12:48, Main Street, attempt to serve papers; 1:43, Main Street, larceny over $250; 3:01, Lowell Road, civil complaint; 310, Lowell Road, ambulance; 3:21, Main Street, business alarm; 3:48, Old Ayer Road, hit and run accident; 6:35, West Main Street, ambulance; 8:26, Skyfields Drive, animal complaint; 9:50, Moose Trail, noise complaint;

Sunday, Aug. 29

A.M. 8:23, Arrow Trail, vandalism; 9:13, Nashua Road, lifeline; 10:30, Lowell Road, ambulance; 11:48, Sand Hill Road, ambulance;

P.M. 1:29, Main Street, serve summons; 8:28, Main Street, suspicious vehicle; 10:58, Longley Road, ambulance;


Thursday, Aug. 26, Erik Milton Duncanson, 20, Fitchburg, receiving stolen property over $250; Douglas J. Cerone, 25, Fitchburg, receiving stolen property over $250;

Saturday, Aug. 28, Judith C, Lawton, 63, Townsend, assault, domestic assault and battery, resisting arrest, marked line violation, leaving scene of motor vehicle accident with property damage, negligent operation of motor vehicle, failure to stop for police officer.