I have only known Sheila Harrington for a short period of time; in fact, much shorter than my relationship to Connie Sullivan. But Sheila has impressed me with her knowledge of the issues and what needs to be done on the state level to support the region.

I was amused by the letter to the editor from Selectman Jim Fay outlining Mr. Sullivan’s accomplishments, considering that all of the accomplishments were established by the whole Ayer Board of Selectmen and not one solely by Mr. Sullivan. In fact, the TriBoard was initially set up by former Town Administrator Shaun Suhoski and the quarterly tax bills came from results of a Department of Revenue audit that Mr. Sullivan opted not to approve until he had more information.

Even in a recent e-mail, Mr. Sullivan mentioned that the town of Ayer was being “held hostage” by a local business owner concerning the acquisition of property. My intent is not to be negative in respect of Mr. Sullivan but to show that Mr. Fay’s rendition of the facts is inaccurate.

Yes, Sheila is a political neophyte and that’s exactly what this state needs — new leadership with new ideas. I am fully confident in Sheila’s abilities and that she will approach the position the same way she approaches her litigation efforts and that is well-studied, aggressive and to the point. I am certain that Sheila will work tirelessly to represent this district in a way that will improve to quality of life for all individuals and will be a fresh voice that will transcend to all aspects of state government.

Through the years, Sheila has shown the ability to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of many individuals by working vigorously and using her knowledge to the betterment of all. Creating jobs through small-business initiatives and a pledge to roll back the sales tax increase is just one of the initiatives that Sheila is pushing for by showing those on Beacon Hill that it will not be business as usual. We need to reduce the size of state government and wisely use our revenues.

We don’t need an experienced individual representing us, as we have seen what experience has done on Beacon Hill. We do need leadership and the leadership that Sheila will provide can propel us into the regional leader we should have always been.

I would hope that all of you would unite with me by voting Sheila Harrington for state representative of the 1st Middlesex District and embrace the endless possibilities that the future has with Sheila representing us at the Statehouse. You will not be disappointed.


Ayer selectman