‘Curtain rod’ Mom ordered to anger management classes


By Lisa Redmond


AYER — A Pepperell mother who used a metal curtain rod to discipline her out-of-control boys was placed on six months pretrial probation and ordered to undergo anger management classes.

In Ayer District Court on Wednesday, Sheila M. Delaney, 26, of 7 Tucker St., was placed on probation after being summonsed into court in April to face charges of assault and battery on a child with injury, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

According to court documents, Delaney was upset that her two young sons had torn apart their bedroom, including pulling down the curtains, a Pepperell mother allegedly grabbed the metal curtain rod and swung it at one boy, grazing him, but hit the other one in the abdomen.

Delaney’s ex-husband arrived at the Pepperell police station on March 1 with his sons, whose ages were unavailable, to report the alleged earlier physical abuse. He accused his former wife of using the curtain rod to strike on boy in the abdomen causing a bruise.

The former husband told police that he received a call from his ex-wife just before midnight on Feb. 19 complaining that the children were out of control and that he should come get them. He told police that his former wife admitted to striking one of the boys with the rod.

When police spoke to the two boys, they admitted they were out of control and had torn apart their room, including pulling down the curtains. Their mother got very angry, grabbed the metal curtain rod, swung it, grazing one boy in the arm and striking the other in the stomach. The boy showed police the bruise on his belly.

One of the boys indicated that in the past his mother had washed out his mouth with soap after swearing, and grabbed them by the neck and lifted them off the ground.

As part of her pretrial probation, Delaney must abide by all Family and Probate Court orders, continue her counseling which includes anger management and do not abuse her sons.