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PEPPERELL — The sky is the limit for fun at the new Pepperell Playground located at the Town Field.

After four years of fundraising and planning, The Friends of Pepperell (FOP) held an “official” opening celebration on July 13 in conjunction with the Pepperell Business Association’s (PBA) weekly band concert and ice-cream social.

Children released numerous balloons, color-coordinated to the play structures, as a tribute to the new space.

Derek TenBroeck, president of the PBA, recognized the playground as a “wonderful success” and acknowledged the local community for its ongoing generosity, citing the recent repairs to the bandstand as another example.

Sue Boswell of the FOP addressed the crowd and shared heartfelt appreciation from the group, noting numerous local businesses and residents for their continuous support.

According to Denene Premus of the FOP, Pepperell resident Craig Radwich was instrumental in the playground installation and contributed “countless hours” to the project. “He just kept showing up,” she said, “we could not have done it without him and the many others who gave so much time.”

Radwich has lived in Pepperell his entire life, has three children and has a landscape construction background. When asked about his involvement he simply explains that he was “looking for a way to give back and stay involved with the community.”

Radwich also helped with the Pepperell skate park and when he saw the playground project on the FOP website, he called to see how he could assist.

According to Premus, Radwich provided much-needed guidance to troubleshoot during the planning phases, he helped assemble the structures and spent at least 35 hours onsite for the installation activities.

While Radwich “truly went above and beyond,” Premus emphasized that the entire group of volunteers worked very long hours to complete the installation by the target date of July 3.

As a result, the playground area was available for use during the town’s Fourth of July activities and is also being utilized by the Recreation Department’s Summer Playground Program.

In just a few short weeks, hundreds of children have already tested out the new area. Boswell adds, “We hope this playground will provide many years of enjoyment, even surpass the 30 years that the previous swings and monkey bars were in place.”

In addition to the new play structures and benches provided by the FOP, the playground includes a shaded “Reading Rock” area designed as a place to take a break and read to a group of children… an opportunity to exercise the mind and imagination as well.

The Friends of Pepperell are still accepting donations to help pay for the playground and to fund future projects. Donations can be mailed to: FOP, P.O. Box 1533, Pepperell, MA 01463. Please visit website

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