A group of parents in Pepperell became upset when a letter arrived at their homes telling them that the bus that took their children from Nissitissit Middle School and Varnum Brook Elementary School in Pepperell to Rainbow Preschool and Child Care in Townsend for some 20 years was being discontinued.

There was no explanation.

And then, when they began asking the district’s central office and the district school committee why the change had been made, the answers they received were varied, ranging from a lack of funding to pay for the bus to the Townsend school (on Route 119) being too far away.

Fortunately, one school committee member listened, and took her responsibility as a representative of Pepperell voters seriously. Jonna Clermont started asking questions herself. The issue (miscommunication?) was resolved. The bus was reinstated.

Letters informing parents of changes should not be without explanation. And it shouldn’t be so difficult for parents to get straight answers and quickly.

We commend Jonna Clermont. She remained true to her campaign promise to represent the people of Pepperell on the committee, rather than the norm of representing the committee to the town.

At budget time, educators quickly cite the critical importance of educating our children, and rightly so. But that same concern comes to play in situations like this as well.

With the exception of Jonna Clermont, parents deserved better treatment than they received this time.


Why is the Keady Way sign still hanging in Shirley?

That town’s selectmen stood tall in supporting the town employees victimized by recently fired town administrator Kyle Keady. Yet, the sign still stands.

The employees who were victimized by wire taps and cameras in the ladies room should not have to look at that sign each and every day, right outside Town Hall. Nor should residents.

We urge the selectmen: Respect your people; take the sign down.