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It was apparent from Monday night’s informal discussion regarding the proposed Emily’s Way subdivision that there is significant interest in this project from the public, given around 25 people attended along with the six or so representing the developers with such short notice being given.

As one of a few who is a point person for outreach, I expect this participation will grow significantly as we are hearing from abutters, people who live in the neighborhoods that will be affected, other interested citizens and even the CEO of Volunteers of America, which owns the assisted living facility that will be most directly affected of their intention to come and participate.

Citing the recent Conservation Commission public hearings regarding the regulations for the Pine Meadow Conservation land, which elicited a lot of public interest and input, those hearings were moved to the Great Hall rather than meeting in the selectmen meeting room to accommodate the turnout.

I am formally requesting the Planning Board do the same so as to have room for everyone to actually be in the hall.

I believe if this request is done before Friday, this would cover any change of venue to the posting rules for open meetings by posting the change in Town Hall for two days ahead of the meeting due to the holiday weekend and Town Hall being closed on Monday. As the location has not changed, I believe the public hearing notice posted in the papers would be unaffected by this.

I respectfully request APAC be contacted so as to have adequate recording for the board including a separate mic for citizens input for the video record as well as the modest PA system so all comments can be heard by all participants.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter as an informed citizenry and participation by that citizenry is the cornerstone of our democracy, something to remember on this 4th of July weekend.


abutter to the Emily’s Way

CC: Laurie Nehring, The Public Spirit of Ayer, Sue Sullivan

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