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General calls

Police received a call that two people were laying strips across Ayer Road at 10:44 a.m. Wednesday, June 23. The caller said the strips — most likely traffic counting devices — might be hazards. The people and the strips were gone when police arrived.

Arrests pending in larceny investigation

An arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday, June 23, to a New Hampshire man suspected of burglaries in Harvard and possibly other towns. Police do not believe he acted alone.

More arrests are expected as the investigation continues into a string of breaks in Harvard over the last few weeks. Several items of value were stolen, including a flat screen TV and jewelry. Some of the property stolen from a Depot Road home has been recovered, Detective Jack Izzo said. In one incident on Slough Road, the resident was upstairs when burglars entered his home. Hearing voices, he came downstairs to find two men in the mudroom. They left. Nothing was reported stolen.


At 6:27 a.m. on Thursday, June 24, a caller reported noisy construction work had started about 30 minutes before. Although there is a new home being built in the neighborhood, there was nothing going on when police arrived. Detective Jack Izzo surmised the noise that disturbed the caller might have been an early morning lumber delivery.

Landscapers who had been working at a Prospect Hill Road residence asked police for assistance Thursday morning in retrieving equipment after an apparent dispute with the home owner. Officer Kim Murphy handled the matter, which was peacefully resolved.

Suspicious Activity

A Woodchuck Hill Road resident reported Thursday morning that someone was in her neighbor’s home. Someone was, the owner and her son.

Thursday at 3:24, a caller reported that a man was stretched out on a neighbor’s porch. Officer Murphy responded, finding a salesperson there. He said he was “cooling off,” Detective Izzo said, but was told to move on.

A Madigan Lane resident reported on Friday morning, June 25 that a black GMC truck had pulled into his driveway, then left. Detective Izzo said the vehicle belonged to a local business, but police had no contact with the driver.

A Blanchard Road resident reported hearing loud yelling and swearing on Friday around noon. It turned out to be a neighbor having a cell phone conversation with his son.

A couple of unfamiliar cars parked in a driveway prompted a neighbor to call police Sunday afternoon, June 27. One of the vehicles had Pennsylvania registration plates and belonged to a visitor from Texas, Detective Jack Izzo said. The other belonged to a New Hampshire construction firm.

Stolen Items Reported

Police believe they have identified the teenage thief who stole cell phones and other items from vehicles parked in a driveway on East Bare Hill Road Friday afternoon. The trail led to a local residence, Detective Izzo said. The case is still under investigation.

A Harvard dispatcher noted several street signs missing from their poles, located on various town streets. The DPW was notified to replace the signs, the total value of which is about $200. The case is under investigation.

An Oak Hill Road resident called police Monday afternoon, June 28, to report she’d been “startled” by the sudden appearance of a black male who said he was “looking for work,” Detective Jack Izzo said. The man – one of a group of magazine salesmen canvassing the area and who had checked in with police earlier – was told to move on.


A resident came to the police station Monday afternoon to report his vehicle had been vandalized. Detective Izzo said it certainly looked that way, with areas on both sides of the car “punched in.” The owner didn’t know where the vehicle was parked with it happened. The incident is under investigation.

Erratic Motor Vehicle

A red sedan was seen swerving as it traveled south on Ayer Road Thursday night, according to the person who stopped in at the police station to report the incident. The registration number belonged to a rented vehicle, but it was not located.

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