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Monday, June 21

AM 8:00, Lowell Road at Amanda’s Way, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 8:01, Lowell Road, animal complaint; 8:19, Raddin Road, disturbance general; 10:01, Boston Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 11:04, Main Street, fire alarm;

PM 12:05, Main Street, fire alarm; 3:39, West Main Street, at Long Hill Road, suspicious activity; 3:49, Townsend Road, drugs possession; 3:53, Valley Road, ambulance; 11:15, Connolly Drive, general services.

Tuesday, June 22

AM 5:58, Island Pond Road, residential alarm;

PM 12:40, Riverbend Drive, suspicious vehicle; 1:08, Dunstable area, mutual aid; 1:13, Boston Road, malicious mischief; 3:34, Redskin Trail, suspicious activity; 7:08, Pleasant Street, fraud; 9:26, Lowell Road at Shattuck Street, assist citizen; 10:01, Nod Road, suspicious vehicle; 11:33, Lovers Lane, noise complaint.

Wednesday, June 23

AM 12:24, Acorn Path, fire alarm; 2:30, Duck Pond Drive, fire alarm; 2:37, Main Street, alarm type unknown; 9:30, Hollis Street, residential alarm; 11:08, Adams Avenue, ambulance; 11:21, Duck Pond Drive, fire alarm;

PM 12:30, Townline Road, motor vehicle accident with property damage; 1:17, Duck Pond Drive, fire alarm; 1:24, Hollis Street, return property; 3:06, Redskin Trail, general services; 3:57, Drumlin Hill Road, serve summons; 4:08, Pleasant Street, fraud; 4:10, Chicopee Row, serve summons; 6:35, Gratuity Road, serve summons; 6:00, Moose Trail, serve summons; 6:00, Brookfield Drive, fire alarm; 6:27, Pleasant Street, general services.

Thursday, June 24

AM 8:25, Powderhouse Road, larceny over $250; 9:11, Fawn Terrace Lane, suspicious person;

PM 1:19, Squannacook Drive, recreational vehicle complaint; 3:11, Riverbend Drive, residential alarm; 3:51, Main Street, hit & run accident; 4:39, Crosswinds Drive, residential alarm; 4:43, Boston Road, animal complaint; 4:47, Painted Post Road, fire alarm; 9:23, Mara Lane, disturbance general; 9:47, Adams Avenue, animal complaint; 10:001, Pleasant Street, civil complaint; 10:34, Main Street, business alarm.

Friday, June 25

AM 11:09, West Main Street, ambulance; 11:18, Boston Road, motor vehicle with property damage; 11:47, Lost Lake Drive, found property;

PM 1:29, Recreational vehicle complaint; 2:40, Lowell Road, larceny under $250: 3:22, Lakeside Drive, ambulance; 4:02, Attempt to serve papers; 4:08, Townsend Road, attempt to serve papers; 6:17, Pleasant Street, attempt to serve papers; 8:30, Martins Pond Road, suspicious activity; 8:55, Lowell Road, parking violation; 9:43, Martins Pond Road, fireworks discharge.

Saturday, June 26

AM 9:26, Hayden Road, animal complaint; 10:32, Valley Road, ambulance;

PM 2:50, Broadmeadow Road, vehicle off road; 7:05, Highland Road, suspicious activity; 9:00, Smith Street, residential alarm.

Sunday, June 27

AM 2:36, Pepperell area, assist other police department; 3:15, Longley Road, suspicious activity; 8:07, Old Ayer Road at Smith Street, suspicious person; 8:49, Lost Lake Drive at Indian Road, animal complaint; 9:03, Martins Pond Road, vandalized mailbox; 9:08, Hollis Street, return property; 9:14, Fairway Drive, residential alarm; 9:54, Main Street, larceny under $250: 11:47, Main Street, business alarm;

PM 1:05, West Main Street, ambulance; 1:22, West Main Street, fire alarm; 3:57, Townsend Road, animal complaint; 5:05, Pleasant Street, assist citizen; 10:29, Hayden Road, ambulance; 11:26, West Main Street, larceny over $250.

No arrests.

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