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There has been some discussion on Facebook critical of our sports editor Ken Blanchette. One or more parents involved in Townsend Little League said Ken doesn’t care about the league and doesn’t cover their games, that he only covers Pepperell.

Ken has had a hard time covering Townsend Little League this year due to a lack of information. According to Ken, during the regular season playoffs, Pepperell was interested in coverage and keeping him informed, Townsend wasn’t.

“I covered both lots of times,” he said, “because they were playing together. Pepperell really wanted and appreciated the coverage. Townsend seemed as though they could care less.”

He added, “I don’t turn anyone down.”

The moral to this story is this: Ken is a one-man department. He covers many hundreds of games a year and works hard to balance his coverage between the six towns he covers. But he needs information. The Web site that should have provided information in this case, was updated to 2007. Not very helpful.

If you have a question, call Ken and ask it. He’ll explain why he goes to one game over another, or why you haven’t seen him. He’ll tell you what you want to know.

He’s a constant here in our Devens office and he’s easy to reach. Call 978-772-0777 ext. 239. The only time he isn’t here is when he’s covering games and when he sleeps.

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