The School Committee in its meeting of June 14 refused to reconsider its decision from a week earlier to hire an interim principal for Hildreth Elementary School, having hardly discussed the offer of Superintendent Jefferson to serve as an interim principal, while a search is done to replace Ms. Banios.

Aside from the decision itself, which was made in a nontelevised Friday morning meeting, the committee seems to be unwilling so far to allow for adequate public input.

As a parent with two children at Hildreth Elementary School, I would encourage the committee to step away from its precipitous decision and consider taking advantage of Dr. Jefferson’s offer. I suggest this for what I think are three compelling reasons.

* Lame Duck Syndrome. Hiring an interim principal installs for a year a lame-duck dynamic in the school. In my experience, lame ducks are able to do nothing more than baby-sit an organization, while in-process changes, new ideas and innovations languish or get lost waiting for the new permanent head. I feel HES cannot afford to take a year off from advancing Ms. Banios’ excellent curriculum initiatives, as well as implementing new ideas. Let’s keep moving forward!

* Transitional Pain. Dr. Jefferson would have hardly any learning curve on the important issues most in need of addressing at HES, and already has an established authority within the town from which to act. He doesn’t need simply to baby-sit the school for a year as an interim principal would most likely do. As someone already known by faculty and staff, his relationships are already established. The majority of the school year wouldn’t be wasted trying to develop relationships with the rest of the school team who, with an interim principal, would know little would come of the relationship in the long term, since they would soon have yet another new personality to adjust to.

* Financial Relief. I believe all the members of the School Committee have emphasized trying to be creative to find savings for the schools. Doing so in turn enables the schools to look at funding more new projects and initiatives without going to the town seeking another override. I have heard that having Dr. Jefferson serve as an interim principal would save us more than $65,000. So his proposal would serve all parties in town, and clearly be the most fiscally responsible choice.

If, like me, others in the Hildreth Elementary School community have concerns about the School Committee’s decision — and decision process — I urge you to let your feelings be known. There is no legal reason that decision has to be final; it is only recalcitrance.

Let’s take advantage of Dr. Jefferson’s offer and leave HES in better position at the end of the next school year for a new principal to continue progress, not have to overcome inertia.