By Jack Minch


SHIRLEY — The Board of Selectmen took just a few minutes Thursday night in reaching unanimous agreement to fire Town Administrator Kyle Keady in the wake of lurid video and wiretapping allegations.

“I am thunderstruck to the activities that went on and Mr. Keady admitted to in court,” said Selectman David Swain. “He has violated the trust of us … and every other person that comes into this building. It is reprehensive, it should never have happened, and I have no problem with terminating Mr. Keady’s contract.”

The town is changing the locks on the doors, passwords to town bank accounts, and codes to safes, Chairman Armand “Andy” Deveau said.

State police searched Town Offices a second time late Thursday night.

They also searched the school buildings, the Police Station, Highway Department facility and the concession stand at the Dale Prentiss Athletic Field at Lura A. White School for listening or photographic devices Wednesday, Deveau said.

Keady had access to all the facilities, he said.

“We are taking extraordinary precautions to protect our data and employees, and will continue to do that until everyone is satisfied,” Deveau said.

Additionally, side doors to Town Offices will be locked so entrance is not allowed but people can exit, said Selectman Kendra Dumont.

“It’s not a fire hazard or fire caution,” she said. “The employees asked for that because they can’t see who is coming in the building.”

Counselors will be available to town employees Monday and Tuesday, Deveau said.

Keady, who was arrested Monday, is accused of secretly recording video of women in the ladies’ room at Town Offices, using pens equipped with cameras. He also allegedly put one of the pens in a potted plant in one office, and hid a baby monitor above a ceiling in another office to record the conversations of fellow employees.

He also allegedly entered a town employee’s home several times to photograph her underwear.

Keady, of 4 Daniel Road, pleaded innocent to illegal recording, illegal possession of a recording device, and video recording a person in a state of nudity. He was released on $2,500 cash bail.

Keady faces charges of wiretapping, possession of wiretap equipment, and video recording an unsuspecting nude or partially nude person.

Keady was invited to the meeting, but did not attend. His contract was scheduled to expire June 30.

As expected, the board named Assessor Ronald Marchetti the interim transitional manager. The board’s executive assistant, Kathleen Rocco, and Town Accountant Bobbi Jo Colburn are also in place to help lead Town Offices.

The board praised the quality of employees throughout the town and their abilities to continue performing their jobs despite the scandal.

“We are curing our problems,” Deveau said. “We will come out of this OK.”

Mike Detillion, the veterans agent and ambulance director for Shirley Ambulance Service, expressed his anger at the allegations against Keady.

“As an employee of the town, I am personally and professionally ashamed of this whole thing,” he said.

Resident Laurie Hayes requested the board consider renaming Keady Way that runs in front of Town Offices, Hazen Public Library and the Police Station.

Each selectman said he or she has been approached by residents requesting the name change.

“You are probably the 18th or 20th person that has suggested that to me personally, Deveau said.

The roadway was named in honor of Keady’s father, Daniel Keady.

“I am in favor of changing the name of the street and if not changing it, taking that sign down for now so employees don’t have to look at it every day when they come in,” Dumont said after the meeting.

A decision on whether to change the roadway’s name will require input from the entire town, Deveau said.

Kevin Hayes, Laurie Hayes’ husband, said Keady’s alleged conduct reflects poorly on Keady but not the town.

“This really isn’t a black eye on the town of Shirley,” said Hayes. “It may be a black eye on Kyle and what he let himself become, but it is not a black eye on the town of Shirley.”

Selectmen planned to give Keady a performance evaluation Monday as a prelude to offering a new contract when state police arrived at Town Offices to search the building for wiretapping equipment.

Keady earned about $76,000 annually.