Thursday, May 27

A.M. 1:40 to 4:18, townwide, police conducted building and grounds checks; 3:26, Shaker Road, parked motor vehicle; 3:54, Prospect Hill Road, same.

P.M. 3:17, Littleton County Road, suspicious activity, resident concerned about state police helicopter cruising over site of previous day’s helicopter crash in Boxborough; 5:36, Still River Road, disabled motor vehicle; 11:28, Lancaster County Road, parked vehicle; 11:30 to 11:50, townwide, building and grounds checks; 11:33, Ayer Road and Dunkin’ Donuts, suspicious activity, two parked vehicles noted during routing police check; 11:52, Prospect Hill Road, commercial alarm.

Friday, May 28

A.M. 1:59, Ayer Road, parked vehicle; 2:01, Mass Avenue, same; 2:13 to 3:34, townwide, police conducted building and grounds checks; 2:28, Ayer Road, parked vehicles; 6:05, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 6:15, Ayer Road, commercial alarm; 7:17, Ayer Road, traffic stop.

P.M. 12:06, Mass Avenue and elementary school, police requested, standby while vehicle towed from parking lot; 12:10, Ayer and Still River roads, traffic stop; 12:34, Mass Avenue and Bromfield, police requested, traffic control during senior class dismissal, anticipating traditional hoopla around parking circle; 1:32, South Shaker Road and Stonecutters Path, caller reported vehicle parked at end of Quarry Lane, a private way, for couple days, no registration number provided, no police action required; 3:08, Littleton Road, traffic complaint, caller reported verbal altercation with bicyclist; 4:00 to 4:40, Ayer Road, Detective Izzo on Click-it-or-Ticket traffic assignment, four related traffic stops; 5:11, town center and cemetery, suspicious vehicle, belonged to Veterans Administration, putting up signs for Memorial Day observances Monday; 5:15, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 5:22, Ayer Road and Gebo Lane, traffic stop; 5:36, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 5:47, Route 2W, traffic stop and tow; 6:24, Poor Farm Road and Route 2 bridge, traffic stop; 5:30, Route 2E, On-Star road service reported disabled motor vehicle, Mass State Police notified; 6:56, Old Shirley Road, traffic stop and tow, unregistered, uninsured vehicle, citation issued, driver subsequently transported home to Ann Lees Road; 7:35 , 7:41, Ayer Road, traffic stops; 7:52, Still River Road, traffic stop; 10:31 to 11:46, townwide, building and grounds checks.

Saturday, May 29

A.M. 1:05, Mass Avenue and elementary school, parked vehicle; 1:07 to 2:43, townwide, police conducted building and grounds checks; 10:09, Pine Ridge Drive, medical, E-911 call abandoned, Detective Newman followed up, resident with allergic reaction transported by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center, ALS on board; 11:28, Cruft Lane, well being check; 2:30, Myrick Lane, parked vehicle; 2:32, Littleton Road, motor vehicle versus deer accident, vehicle towed, animal died, no human injury; 6;35, Still River Road, traffic stop; 7:00, Ayer Road, traffic stop, town and transport, expired registration plate, citation issued; 7:04, Mass Avenue and elementary school, alarm; 7:22, Ayer Road, pair of glasses found on roadway, police checked with nearby homeowner but item did not come from there, they are now at police station; 9:23, Prospect Hill Road and overlook, suspicious activity, cell phone caller reported black Jeep-type vehicle passed her four times while walking, no plate number provided, gone on arrival; 10:34 to 11:43, townwide, building and grounds checks; 10:44, Pond Road and beach, general police services, Detective Newman spotted man in boat on the water, said he was trying to get to island but motor wouldn’t start, said he’d pull it out if subsequent tries unsuccessful.

Sunday, May 30

A.M. 12:38 to 11:52, townwide, police conducted building and grounds checks; 12:41, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 1:00, Ayer Road, parked vehicles; 1:05, Ayer Road, apartment building, same; 1:21, Shaker Road and town line, traffic stop, OUI arrest and tow; 2:08, Poor Farm and Littleton roads, traffic stop; 3:56, Ayer Road, motor-vehicle accident.

P.M. 1:36, Madigan Lane, residential alarm; 3:32, Ann Lees Road, noise complaint, resident called about annoying sounds from ice cream truck, no police action taken; 9:25, Stow Road, medical, ambulance transported teenage female with alcohol overdose to Emerson hospital, Concord; 11:08 to 11:37, townwide, building and grounds checks.

Monday, May 31

A.M. 12:16 to 3:22, townwide, police conducted building and grounds checks; 1:51, Mass Avenue and elementary school, parked vehicle; 7:19, Prospect Hill Road and overlooks, parked vehicle; 7:33, Depot Road and DPW garage, caller reported loud generator, foreman notified, he said it’s fine; 10:39, Still River Road, medical, transported 13-year old girl passed out during Memorial Day parade, transported to hospital with ALS on board.

P.M. 12:10, Ayer Road and police station, walk-in medical issue, juvenile resident hit by BB gun transported by ambulance to Emerson Hospital, incident under investigation; 1:32, police station, request to speak to officer; 1:46, Westcott Road, residential alarm; 7:27, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:23 to 11:53, townwide, building and grounds checks.


Sunday, May 30: Brian St. Denis, 21, of Willard Street, Ayer, arrested at 2:08 a.m., during traffic stop for defective equipment, tail light out, he had pulled into golf course at intersection of Shaker Road near Ayer town line, charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, later released on bail.