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Give John Golnik a chance to represent the 5th District


In a mere three months (September 14) our state primaries will occur, and seven weeks after that our general election (November 2).

Today there is a considerable disconnect between our elected representatives and us. Our representatives believe that somehow they know better than their constituents on every issue. Our legislators are ignoring us and there are few better illustrations of this than our current congresswoman, Niki Tsongas.

Niki has failed to listen to us, and it is time we replace her with someone who will. That is why I support the candidacy of Jon Golnik. I have been following Jon’s campaign since he first announced in November of last year. He has spent the past several months traveling around the district meeting people and listening to their concerns. The 5th District would do well to send Jon to Washington to fulfill our wishes not and not the wishes of those above him.

Jon is a small businessman and approaches problems in a practical manner. He is an independent thinker who is not beholden to special interests. If you have an opportunity to meet Jon, you will likely hear him say the people he is loyal to are the citizens of the 5th District. Jon will listen to us on health care. He will work to stop the outrageous spending and provide some tax relief to individuals and small businesses. As a small businessman, Jon recognizes that over- taxation and over-regulation is strangling small business; he will work reduce taxes and over regulation so that employers can grow and hire; that’s how we can bring jobs to Massachusetts and fix this economy.

These upcoming elections are the most important in a generation. It is time to end the confusion and take back our government with representation that will listen to us. Jon Golnik is the candidate to do that. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or unenrolled voter, Jon Golnik will be a congressman we can all be proud of. I support Jon Golnik and I urge you to prepare early for the elections and get to know Jon. I believe if you do; you too will want him representing us in Congress.



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