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Covered Bridge Committee appointed

The Pepperell covered bridge is expected to reopen at some point this summer, and the Board of Selectmen appointed a committee to coordinate celebrations for that occasion.

Appointed on May 24, inaugural members of the Covered Bridge Committee are Diane Cronin, Maureen Desveaux, Joy Henry, and David Babin. Three other slots were available, but nobody else stepped forward.

The new group is responsible for organizing the town’s celebration of the bridge reopening, along with establishing a commemorative walkway nearby known as the Pepperell Walk.

After the appointments were made, Selectman Joe Sergi said he was surprised that more people didn’t step up for the committee, saying he thought there was a lot of enthusiasm around this project.

Cronin said that is the case, and she expected a lot of people would get involved with the celebration once they get things rolling.

Local officials hope the bridge will be open in the time for the town’s Independence Day parade, but the state has yet to give an official opening date.

In a related matter, selectmen also listed positions that will be open for appointment this summer.

This list includes three positions with the Affordable Housing Committee, two seats on the agricultural advisory board, one seat on the Board of Public Works, seven positions on the Cable TV Advisory Committee, two seats on the Capital Committee, two seats on the Conservation Commission, three seats on the Council on Aging, one seat on the Cultural Council, one seat on the Disabilities Commission, one seat on the Personnel Board, one associate seat with the Planning Board, two registrars positions, one veterans grave officer, and one seat on the Vietnam Memorial Committee. The Zoning Board of Appeals also has one member seat open, along with two associate slots.

Applicants are advised to submit a letter of interest or citizen activity form with the Board of Selectmen’s office.

— Nathan Lamb

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