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Motor Vehicle Taken Without Permission

A Brown Road resident reported to police on Wednesday afternoon, May 5, that his uncle had taken his 2008 Mercedes Benz to have the oil changed and had not returned it. Not quite a theft under those circumstances, it is still a crime, but the charge would be less serious, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, Detective Jack Izzo explained. The uncle, Raymond Williams, was later arrested in by Boston police.

According to the police report, the car was spotted on Blue Hill Avenue in Boston and later in Roxbury before Williams was arrested as he came out of a building with his girlfriend, Detective Izzo said. She was also placed under arrest on an outstanding warrant for failure to report for jury duty, he added.

The owner was able to recover his vehicle the next day.

Criminal Harassment?

A Still River Road resident has repeatedly complained to police that another town resident has been harassing her and she’s now seeking relief from a new law that could result in criminal charges against him.

In previous conversations with a Hillside reporter, the woman blamed a history of friction over political and business-related issues she’s raised in public for the man’s alleged animosity toward her and said he’s been making it pretty public himself, passing too close in his vehicle as she walks her dog near her home and acting in an intimidating manner when he does it. On at least one occasion, she reported that the man shouted or made angry gestures at her. Those incidents were logged by police. Although the police have spoken to the man, the woman said it did no good. Now, she is looking to the new criminal harassment law for a resolution.

Unlike a restraining order, the new law sets criteria that must be met for the offending party to be charged. For example, three incidents must be reported and verified. If those conditions are met, the individual could be arrested, Detective Jack Izzo said.

Clinton Resident Faces Liquor Law Violation

When police responded to complaints of a loud party on Wilroy Avenue near Bare Hill Pond in the predawn hours of Saturday morning, May 8, they found a house full of teenagers who had apparently been drinking and an 18-year-old Clinton resident who is being charged for providing the booze.

Alfredo Ernest will be summonsed into court for being a minor in possession of alcohol and for selling alcoholic beverages to minors. Nobody else was charged. Parents were called to pick up their kids, Detective Jack Izzo said.

Dog Lost, Found and Returned

A Cleaves Hill Road resident called police Saturday morning, May 8 to report he’d found a dog named Ringer on his property and that the dog belonged to an Oak Hill Road resident. He also stated that he would return the animal to its owner. It’s not clear why he called police, but the good news is that the dog got home safe and sound.

Pillow Fight Leads to Arrest

When a couple’s fight over ownership of a pillow as the woman was packing to leave the residence they shared on Brown Road got physical, the man called the police. The woman, 26-year old Katie Proctor, was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery. According to Detective Jack Izzo, the man has since taken out a restraining order against his former live-in partner. Issued in Clinton District Court, the 209-A summons was delivered to the woman by police in Danvers, where she’s from and currently lives.

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