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Liberty Mutual holds contest to help towns ‘Bring Back the 4th’


HARVARD — A townwide effort is afoot to bolster Harvard’s chances in a contest to score money for the town’s July Fourth celebrations.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. is launching an effort it calls “Bring Back the 4th” and a Liberty employee in town tipped off the town administrator’s office about the company’s contest.

“My company is offering 10 grants total, divided between small, medium and large towns,” said Diane O’Connor of Liberty’s Home Office Human Resources Department in an e-mail to Administrative Assistant Julie Doucet.

Liberty Mutual’s “Bring Back the 4th” grants can be used for city- and town- organized Fourth of July events, such as community fireworks celebrations, celebrations in town parks and parades in town squares. Special emphasis is placed by the company on veterans services on July Fourth ceremonies honoring “our service men and women who sacrificed so much to keep us safe and secure.”

You can find a link the contest on the town of Harvard website, or directly visit the Liberty Mutual website for the contest at

Once there, participants can click on the “take the quiz” button and answer a short list of questions themed “Responsible Moments in U.S. History.” Answers don’t have to be correct but the half dozen quiz questions must be completed in order for Harvard to get the credit. Once done, users submit a name, address, and most importantly, the zip code “01451” so the credit for having completed the quiz benefits Harvard’s chances in the contest.

Liberty Mutual will close the contest on Flag Day, June 14, and then tally the quiz credits to determine winners and award grants to the 10 cities and towns that prompted the highest participation. “Bring Back the 4th” grants will be awarded to cities and towns in three size-based categories: small (four grants), medium (three grants), and large (three grants).

Paul G. Alexander, senior vice president, communications for Liberty Mutual, said in the company’s press release on the contest, “With Bring Back the 4th, we aim to help cities and towns sustain those local celebrations that, for generations, have provided a way for friends and neighbors to reconnect, demonstrate love of country, and reflect on the sacrifices so many have made to keep our nation safe and secure.”

Visit and spread the link via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook right from the Liberty site.

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