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Police alerted to fatal copter crash

A fatal helicopter crash in Boxborough Wednesday afternoon, May 26, brought local police to the scene but they were not involved in rescue or recovery operations, Detective Gregory Newman said. “We went to investigate.”

The crash occurred in Boxborough, where a large flat area bordered by woods backs up to Trail Ridge development in Harvard, he said.

Reported on television news, the crash occurred during a training flight with two people on board. The instructor, an experienced pilot in his 50s, was killed. The student, a woman in her 40s, was injured but survived.

According to news reports, the training exercise in progress at the time of the crash involved a simulated stall: while flying relatively close to the ground, the engine is deliberately cut and restarted. But it failed to kick in. As the helicopter fell, the pilot apparently tried to veer away from the woods toward open space where it could land safely. But that too, failed. It crashed into the trees.

Motor-vehicle crash Sunday morning

Ayer police reported a single-vehicle accident in front of the Appleworks building on Ayer Road early Sunday morning. According to the crash report, the vehicle was traveling north on Ayer Road when it went off the road and hit a utility pole. The driver, a man from Ayer, said he’d fallen asleep at the wheel. He was transported by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center. No citation was issued. By the time police arrived, he had already called his own road service to have the vehicle towed, Detective Newman said.

Police probe alleged BB gun incident

Police are investigating an apparent shooting accident that occurred on Monday afternoon, May 31. A 14-year old juvenile was brought to the police station that day with an injury caused by a BB gun. The boy was shot in the left temple, Detective Gregory Newman said. He was transported by ambulance to Emerson Hospital.

A group of youths was allegedly shooting BB guns out the window of a house on Ayer Road when the accident occurred. The boy’s parents were not home at the time.

Detective Newman has visited the home and is in the process of interviewing everyone involved in the incident, he said.

— M.E. Jones

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