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I would like to thank everyone who made the seventh annual Nashoba Publishing Sports Night such a special evening for me, from the sponsors to the coaches to the athletic directors to all the parents and grandparents who attended. This was the first year that the event has been held at the Devens Common Center and praise for the facility was universal across the board.

The night is a bittersweet event for me as it is a thrill for me to have the best the local senior class has to offer on hand at one location. But as the night wears on, the realization sets in that they will be tackling new pursuits next year and won’t be dotting the rosters of the local teams anymore. The efforts of those student-athletes has been noticeable and appreciated.

But the good news is that for every departing senior class there is a freshmen class coming on board, and the future leaders of the Ayer, Bromfield, Groton-Dunstable, North Middlesex and Parker School teams will be getting their first taste of high school life. That with the knowledge of the underclassmen returning on the teams that were honored at the event, provides plenty of optimism for the future.

Part of my job is to give the student-athletes that I cover the benefit of the doubt. Rest assured that if you were honored at Sports Night, the many people I talked to had no doubt about your contributions to team and school. In their minds, as well as mine, there was no doubt when your name was brought up.

So for those seniors who were honored, the best of luck in the future. I hope to see the teams you played on at the eighth annual Sports Night, and your teammates can go a long way toward punching that ticket by following the example that you set during your high-school careers. It has been an honor to have covered you.

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