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Boys Under 10

Pepperell United vs. Hudson

Hudson started with a fierce attack on offense putting Pepperell on the defensive quickly. Due to stellar defense from Alex Nick and Vinnie Sabatino, who both showed great hustle and strong clearing, the offense gained the ball back resulting in a goal from Max Phoenix. A corner shot was turned into a goal by Christopher TenBroeck to finish the first half. Seth Drahusz displayed great dribbling and ball control to evade the Hudson defenders, and quickly scored a goal, to open the second half. Supportive passing by Christian Angelucci resulted in another goal by Seth Drahusz. Christina Angelucci scored a goal with assist by Alex Nick. The hustle and passing by Mitchell Hardy and Joe Couto created many scoring opportunities. Owen Marr and TenBroeck both turned in fine goal keeping halves, making many saves to preserve an outstanding game by the United.

Girls Under 10

Pepperell Breakers vs. Tyngsboro

The GU10-D Breakers, led by coaches Doyle, Harrington, and Hannon had an amazing make-up game on May 18 vs. Tyngsboro. The game was powered with equal play on both ends of the field continuing through the remaining minutes of the game. Emma Bragg scored two goals in the last quarter. Maddie Harrington made a great shot across the net into the corner to level the game. With seconds remaining on the clock Tyngsboro made a break on Breakers goal, but was shut down by Casi Glejzer, who made an excellent save as the game ending whistle blew. The Breakers played well offensively and defensively and continue to show improved passing and finding openings and scoring opportunities.

Breakers vs.

Groton Dunstable

The sun was out, the temperature warm and the Breakers came fired up to play soccer. Grace Doyle scored numerous times throughout the game and Emily Hurst drove to put one in the net as well. Madeline Harrington and Amanda Bowley alternated playing goalie, each contributing many saves on goal. Amanda Marcoux and Kaitlyn Winsper had strong control on the field as they contributed both on offense and defense. Emma Bragg and Casi Glejzer each displayed skilled footwork and ball control.

Under 8

Phantoms vs. Freedom

The Phantoms offense came out blazing this week with multiple goals being scored by Neris Archambault, Joanna Chase, Waseem Massoud, Jordan Hodgson, Aiden Moorehouse and Matt McMahon. Additional goals were scored by Devon Brooks, Emma Chase, Dan Cahill and Brian DiCicco. The defense was stellar, stopping several Freedom offensive advances with key plays being made by Joanna Chase, Neris Archambault, Waseem Massoud, Matt McMahon and Allyson McMahon.

Galaxy vs. Revolution

The Galaxy was powerful in their game against the Revolution. Rachel Drahusz netted four goals and Anna Griffith put the ball in numerous times. Emily Hannon and Colby Deming were defensive stars blocking opponents’ attempts to score and helping Matthew Collins, Alexa Beaubien, Ali Sheehan, Kasen Deming, and Liam Lacourse each put in a few goals. Brandon Marcoux and Meghan McCarthy passed the ball well and showed exciting footwork on the field. Tyler Goldthwaite and Emily Hamel had excellent hustle to keep the team energized.

Breakers vs. Fire

The Breakers put on a strong display of passing and dribbling against the Fire. Evelyn Bagley, Mason Kosman, Kayla Landino, Sara Murphy, Sophia Soares, Nicholas Diette, Calandra Boutin, Katie Cinquegrano all had fancy footwork. The team’s dribbling and passing strength was shown by team members Gavin Eibye, Christopher Colangelo, Brady Young, Joshua Colangelo and Katie Cinquegrano as their efforts each turned into goals. The defensive play of the Breakers along with the hot season temperature made it a challenging game for the Fire.

Under 6

Renegades vs. Red Bulls

The Red Bulls served as a tough opponent against the Renegades, however, the team pulled together to dazzle the crowd. Jaden Boucek was especially effective defensively as he successfully warded off several goals. Duncan Premus, Norah Russell and Zachary Greer also shined defensively as they showed off their tackling and clearing skills. Eric Bragg and Katie Sergi demonstrated fine dribbling technique as they carried the ball up the field several times assisting in goals. Goal scoring was led by Amanda Nett and Alex Aponte as they were aided by skillful passes by Andrew Peterson and Madison Nett.

Crusaders vs. Crew

On this hot, sticky game day, the purple Crusaders took to the field with fury and team Crew was ready to play. It was an engaging game of good teamwork demonstrated on both sides of the field. Ashley Regan, Ashley Beaubien, Eddie Kozloski, Ben Whittemore and Ayoub Mahmoud hustled the ball against the strong Crew team. Crusaders’ Ayoub Mahmoud, Eddie Whittemore, Matthew Regan, and Matthew DiCicco showed strong defensive skills as they blocked and cleared the ball from in front of the net. Sydney VanGilder, Matthew Regan, Eddie Kozloski and Ashley Regan led the scoring effort, while Amanda Regan pulled off a nice assist in the final seconds of the game.

Crew team members Lily Boccelli, Nick Mellin, Charles Misail and Ally Murphy worked together to score some goals and hustled against the Crusaders while they displayed good passing skills. Nate Denk-Cole, Justin Featherstone, Logan Ricciardiello, Jill Scanlon, and Sophia Yamanishi worked well together to keep the opponent at bay with good defensive moves. The team kept the ball moving with good passing skills and scored a numerous goals.

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