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AYER — With a “pick 3” scenario on the ballot and 3 candidates to choose from, it may come as no surprise that there were just 113 votes cast in Ayer’s Special Election Monday.

The only contest was to determine which of the three candidates would get the longer of the staggered terms aboard the newly formed 6-man Ayer-Shirley Regional School Committee. Ayer filled its three seats Monday, while Shirley combined its race as part of annual Town Elections on May 11.

All three of Ayer’s new representatives to the Regional School Committee were incumbent Ayer School Committee members. By a mere three votes, Patrick Kelly was the top vote getter with 92 votes and therefore earned the 3-year term on the Regional School Committee (RSC). Former Ayer School Committee Chairman Dan Gleason placed second with 89 votes and earned a 2-year RSC term. And Brenda Mango placed third with 79 votes and so landed the 1-year RSC term.

There was hefty number of blanks and write-in – so called “scatterings.” There were 79 “scatterings,” the same number of votes Mango received to secure a seat on the RSC.

There are some 4,700 registered voters in Ayer. With 113 votes cast, Monday’s turn out totaled just 2.5-percent of the town’s total registered voters.

The Town of Shirley held its elections two weeks ago on May 11 and selected three regional school committeemen for that town. Shirley’s committeemen will be James Quinty, Bob Prescott and Joyce Reischutz in the 3-, 2- and 1-year terms, respectively. In all there were eight candidates racing for Shirley’s 3 seats.

In Shirley’s race, 28-percent of the town’s registered voters turned out to cast ballots, as the Regional School Committee race occurred on the same ballot as a hotly contested selectmen’s race which saw the ouster of incumbent Enrico Cappucci in favor of the return of David Swain to the Board of Selectmen.

Likewise, Ayer’s annual Town Elections had a healthy turn out with several contested races on the ballot and a healthier 20-percent turn-out of registered voters.

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