TOWNSEND — The Hawthorne Brook Middle School Destination Imagination is going to Knoxville, Tenn. on May 26-30 to represent Massachusetts at the Destination Imagination Globals Finals! This is the Olympics of problem solving and team work. This seventh-grade, all-girls team earned this privilege after placing second in their challenge at the Massachusetts Destination Imagination tournament held at Worcester Polytecnic Institute at the beginning of April. Townsend DI is sponsored by TRAC.

Since the start of October, these seven girls worked together creating skits and scripts, building props and solving challenges. For the next six months they worked together as a team to prepare for the competition. Their challenge was Breaking DI News, which involved creating a story about an actual international story and building a structure using only newspaper and glue that could hold as much weight as possible. It had to weigh less than 75 grams, that’s 15 nickels! Their structure held over 500 pounds! They had to do all this on a limited budget with no adult assistance or interference. Six months went by very quickly and learning about scheduling was a great lesson. Getting everyone together to have a meeting was sometimes a problem by itself.

This team’s next challenge is fundraising. They are busy raising money to offset some of the cost of the trip to Knoxville. They are having two awesome raffles. One for Red Sox tickets and a great calendar raffle throughout the month of June with generous donations from local businesses. Tickets are $5 each. Fundraising also includes a bake sale at the Townsend Library Plant and Book Sale on May 8, a huge multi-family yard sale at Cherry Hill Too (formerly the Brick Steamer) on May 22 (rain date May 23), a hands-on DI Camp for elementary and middle school kids, and a car wash.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help to send the Hawthorne Brook Destination Imagination teams go Global Finals, checks can be made out to TRAC DI, and sent to TRAC PO Box 1113 Townsend, MA 01469. (TRAC is Townsend Recreational Activities Council.) If you have any questions regarding the fund raising events, you can contact Karen Rapoza at 978-877-0106, or e-mail at If you’re cleaning out your house we’ll take your donations for the yard sale. Drop them off that morning. Thanks for your help!

Destination Imagination is an international, nonprofit program that challenges groups of students to use their creativity, communications, teamwork, and think outside the box to solve problems. More then 300,000 students and 45 countries and the United States participate in this program. It helps students in grades 3-12 build life long skills, and friendships that will carry them in life.