Suspicious Persons

Police responding to a suspicious person call in the vicinity of Townsend and Garrison roads Monday morning, April 12, but were not required to take action after parties involved resolved the issue themselves. The caller reported that a man carrying a suitcase was yelling at passersby that a woman wouldn’t leave him alone. The woman he was apparently referring to lives on Garrison Road and had filed a no-trespassing order to keep the 43-year old Chapel Street resident away from her home. She rescinded that order, however.

Two cruisers responded Tuesday afternoon, April 13 to several call-in reports that a woman was jumping out in front of motor vehicles on Townsend Road. She was described as about 5-feet, 3-inches tall with curly red hair, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, carrying a pink purse. The officers spotted the woman running into the woods. The police report stated that she was intoxicated and was transported to Nashoba Valley Medical Center with no charges filed.

On Monday, April 19, at 8:15 a.m., police received a call about a person of “unknown gender” acting suspiciously. The caller said the person, wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt, had been sitting on the wall outside the Shirley Package Store with a baby carriage. The person walked to the side of the building, parked the carriage and left. The empty carriage was found but the person had disappeared.

Pillow Puppy

A DPW worker reported to police Thursday morning, April 15 that a puppy had been left unattended in the back seat of a motor vehicle parked on Ayer Road. The owner was contacted but stated he doesn’t have any pets. When the Animal Control Officer looked into the matter, he found that the concerned town employee had mistaken a rolled-up neck pillow for a curled up puppy.

Lost Child Found Quickly

A seven-year old girl reported missing on Parker Road Monday afternoon was found safe within minutes. The police report does not specify where she was found, nor does it state whether she simply turned up or if the police or her parents located her. By that time, 10 minutes after the call came in, Ayer, Devens and Groton Police had been called, but, happily, their assistance was not needed.

Animal Complaint

Police received two E-911 calls Sunday afternoon, April 18 about a dog that was dropped off at the Shirley Package Store on Ayer Road. The dog was described as a brown and white male terrier. The dog wasn’t wearing a tag but was trailing a long lead, apparently having broken from its run. The Animal Control Officer picked up the dog. However, the police report noted that the emergency call line should not be used to report lost dogs.