PEPPERELL — The Planning Board approved the latest as-built plans for Beaver Creek Circle, and has recommended its acceptance as a public roadway at the upcoming Annual Town Meeting.

Along with Beaver Creek Circle, Julia Lane and the upper portion of Parker Hill Way will also appear as articles for roadway acceptance.

Julia Lane and Beaver Creek Circle, both located in Hadley Estates, have faced a number of delays over the past several years due to incomplete or substandard road work on the part of the developer.

With the dissolution of Robert M. Hicks, Inc., the developer of the Hadley Estates properties, the town was forced to dip into the bond money set aside by the developer for such situations. Deterioration of some asphalt along the roadway’s edge is the final issue being corrected this month, ahead of the Town Meeting.

Late last year, the Planning Board agreed to provide some of that bond money to cover the cost of private plowing in that subdivision, due to the delays in roadway acceptance. Bond money was also used to clean out catch basins and prepare final as-built plans.

The board has also recommended the passage of changes to the Water Resource Protection Overlay District zoning bylaw and accompanying map, as well as approval of a new Wind Energy Conversion Facility bylaw and wind energy table of uses.

The board does not plan to recommend approval of three other articles filed under a citizens petition led by Maureen Allen of 80 South Road to allow the establishment of a pet day-care facility in a residential district. The board expressed concerns over noise disturbances and neighborhood safety, specifically citing the proposed location of such a facility on South Road, where abutters have come out in opposition at a number of public hearings.

They specifically cited the adequacy of the current definition of a commercial kennel, and the ability to establish a pet day care facility within the existing commercial zones.