Fire vs. Freedom

The Fire showed great spark in their team plays throughout the game with scored goals by Luke Boccelli, Raelyn Callahan, Caroline Cournoyer, Sophia Couto, Jacob Meyers, Max Patenaude, Caera Ryan, and Emily Verre. Fine defensive plays by Sophia Couto, Jacob Meyers, Max Patenaude, and Natalie Winch. Luke Boccelli, Caroline Cournoyer, Caera Ryan, Joey Doroski, Julia Greer, Jolina Rich, and Sean Morrissey showed off great dribbling skills as they hustled through the game. Caroline Cournoyer and Sean Morrissey had many shots on net that kept the Freedom team on their toes. The Fire came ready to play as they worked together and played hard.

Freedom team members Elizabeth Clement, Ella Green, Jordan Kraus and Caitlin Ludford showed great hustle. Goals were scored by Anish Jain, Connor Ludford, Casey McCarthy, Daniel Balderas, Morgan Nesbit and Samantha Nett. Assists were made by Ludford and Casey McCarthy, who set-up several of their teammate’s goals with strategic passing. Defensive plays were made by Casey McCarthy, Ludford, Morgan Nesbit, Elizabeth Clement and Jordan Krauss. Their blocked shots controlled the ball and challenged several of Fire’s scoring opportunities.

Freedom vs. Galaxy

Freedom’s soccer playing techniques were full of color for the start of the season. Daniel Balderas and Connor Ludford led their team by scoring many goals. Morgan Nesbit and Sara Picariello dribbled their way up field attempting strong shots on goal. Skillful passing and hustle was exhibited by Casey McCarthy, Jordan Kraus, and Caitlin Ludford. Gordon Crochiere, Elizabeth Clement, and Duff Crochiere displayed strong defense by blocking and clearing the ball from their goal.

Phantoms vs. Breakers

The Phantoms offense was prepared for their first game of the season against the Breakers with goals scored by Jordan Hogdson, Neris Archanbault, Waseem Mahoud, Mathew McMahon, Aiden Morehouse, Devon Brooks and Mark Thomas. Great passes and dribbling were contributed by Emma Chase, Alyson McMahon and Haley Thomas. The defense held its own against the Breakers offense with great breakups and plays made by Joanna Chase, Kaelah Marr and Dan Cahill.


Red Bulls vs. Cougars

The Red Bulls played a tough offensive game against the Cougars. Sydney Ting, Brooke Colangelo, and Jack Harrington scored goals for team. Dova Kovetsky and Samuel Rogge provided extra offensive support. The Red Bulls had a strong defensive showing from Dennis Jelley, Holly Marciniak, and Daniel Hunter. Great job to all the players.

Renegades vs. Crusaders

The Renegades showed increasing skill this week with many team members scoring goals. The game was set in motion by a high looping kick to the goal by Kati Sergi. The play was followed by a defensive move to give Camden Howard a straight shot to the goal. Alex Aponte and Eric Bragg showed their skills as they dribbled downfield and scored multiple goals. Great defensive play was displayed by Jaden Boucek, Amanda and Madison Nett and Andrew Peterson. Good hustle and assists were added by Andrew Peterson, Duncan Premus, and Norah Russell to wrap up a great game.

The Crusaders showed excellent teamwork in their game against the Renegades. Ruby Hilder, Eddie Kozloski, and Matthew Regan demonstrated great passing skills. Ashley Beaubien and Ashley Regan dribbled nicely around opposing players. Matthew DiCicco had superb shots at the goal, while Joshua Doehring, Ella Livie, Amanda Regan, and Ayoub Mahmoud demonstrated swift defensive plays. Sydney VanGilder and Ben Whittemore each scored goals for the team.