Wednesday, April 14

A.M. 5:26, Brookline Street, traffic control; 6:00, Brookline and Prescott streets, traffic control; 7:55, Hollis Street, traffic control; 8:30, 911 hang-up, Hotel Pl; 8:33, Brookline and Boynton streets, traffic control; 9:19, Main Street, assisted citizen; 10:11, Main Street, threats; 11:04, Main Street, traffic control; 11:17, Leighton Street, suspicious activity.

P.M. 12:07, Tucker Street, annoying phone calls; 12:12, High Street, complaint; 1:16, Townsend Street; 2:22, Chace Avenue, traffic control; 8:16, River Road, welfare check; 10:42, Foster Street, disturbance.

Thursday, April 15

A.M. 5:30, Brookline and Prescott streets, traffic control; 6:57, Oakland and Pine streets, animal control; 8:17, Hollis Street school zone, traffic control; 8:26, Herget Street, domestic disturbance; 9:28, South Road, motor vehicle complaint.

P.M. 2:19, Shawnee Road, served summons; 2:56, River Road, medical emergency; 3:25, Nashua Road, disabled motor vehicle; 4:01, Mill Street, annoying phone calls; 4:21, Parkwood Drive, assisted citizen; 4:36, Leighton Street, 911 hag-up, 4:56, Heald Street, false burglar alarm; 5:29, River Road, medical emergency, transported to hospital; 6:00, Main Street, assisted other agency; 6:11, Jersey Street, welfare check; 6:45, Leighton Street, animal control; 8:31, Elm Street, structure fire; 9:18, DPW call-out; 9:23, Chestnut Street, suspicious activity; 9:39, Lawrence Street, animal control; 9:46, Park Street, 911 hang-up.

Friday, April 16

A.M. 6:51, Lowell Road, motor vehicle accident; 7:11, Main Street, served summons; 8:59, Hollis Street, lost and found; 9:36, Hollis Street, fire master box; 11:10, Wheeler Street, medical emergency, transported to hospital.

P.M. 1:19, Nashua and Mill street, motor vehicle complaint; 1:43, Main Street, lost and found property; 2:27, Chace Avenue, traffic control; 4:58, Groton Street, complaint; 5:24, South Road, assisted citizen; 5:30, Main Street, assisted citizen; 5:33, Hyacinth Drive, complaint; 6:34, Hollis Street, burglar alarm; 7:25, Wheeler Street, medical emergency, transported to hospital.

Saturday, April 17

A.M. 7:48, Jewett Lane, mutual aid; 8:53, Brookline Street, traffic control; 9:02, Park Street, medical emergency.

P.M. 1:16, Tarbell Street, traffic control; 1:41, Province Street, animal control; 8:47, East Street, motor vehicle accident resulting in an OUI arrest.

Sunday, April 18

A.M. 12:09, Brookline Street, medical emergency, transported to hospital; 12:41, Nova Drive, medical emergency, transported to hospital; 2:28, Shawnee Road, complaint; 7:50, Boynton Street, trash dumping; 9:26, South Road, medical emergency, transported to hospital; 11:09, Lowell Road, larceny.

P.M. 8:20, Shattuck Street, assisted citizen; 8:31, Park Street, suspicious activity; 8:37, Main Street, assisted citizen; 10:13, Tucker Street, missing person; 11:09, South Road, motor vehicle complaint.

Monday, April 19

A.M. 1:58, Tucker Street, domestic disturbance; 5:31, Brookline Street, traffic control; 5:56, Main Street, lockout; 8:27, Lowell Road, traffic control; 8:31, Main Street, civil business; 8:33, Elm and Shirley streets, traffic control; 8:59, South Road, 9:58, Tarbell Street, traffic control; 10:26, South Road, motor vehicle accident, resulting in an ambulance transport to the hospital; 10:50, Palmer Road, assisted citizen.

P.M. 1:47, Mill Street, trespassing; 5:09, Lowell Road, motor vehicle complaint; 7:35, Nashua Road, burglary; 10:07 Cranberry Street, served trespassing letter.

Tuesday, April 20

A.M. 12:55, Prospect Street, message delivery; 5:23, River Road, traffic control; 6:34, Sartelle Street, medical emergency, transported to hospital; 8:25, Tarbell Street, police investigation; 8:31, Prospect Street, police investigation; 9:24, Wheeler Street, police investigation; 9:37, 911 hang-up; 11:40, Carter and Main streets, trash dumping.

P.M. 12:31, Main Street, assisted citizen; 2:08, Brown Street, welfare check; 7:51, Hollis Street, smoke investigation; 8:06, Main Street, assisted citizen; 8:36, Foster Street, medical emergency, transported to hospital.


Saturday, April 17

Kimberly O’Loughlin, 49, of Nashua. Charged with OUI liquor (2nd offense), failure to stay in the correct lane, and open container violation.