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On Saturday, April 3, the Shirley American Legion Post sponsored a Battle of the Bands social event at the War Memorial Building on Church Street. The event, open to the public, was organized to raise money for the Bedford Veterans Hospital. There was a sizable turnout for the event as two bands and a soloist played.

“Lost” is a local band made up of Aaron “Snake” Baird, Noah Staff, Billy Wooldrich, and Butch Bazillion. They bill themselves as a rock band specializing in cover songs of other bands. Aaron and Noah perform locally at the Piccolino Restaurant every other Saturday night.

The other band, “Not Them”, is a five-piece classic rock band out of Littleton and Townsend.

The solo act, a rocker, was Tony Yodice out of Worcester.

The doors were open at 8 p.m. that night with a bit of a slow start, but right at 10 p.m. there was a rush of people at the doors.

In a very short time attendance was up to more than 150, and it was party time. Most tickets were pre-purchased, but there were many who bought tickets at the door.

The music had broad appeal as the younger as well as the older partiers enjoyed listening to and dancing to the tunes played.

In an unprecedented gesture of good will, the musicians donated $500 of their proceeds to the VA Hospital. This will help the veterans who are patients at the Bedford VA.

The bands’ generosity is greatly appreciated by the American Legion here in Shirley and will be even more greatly appreciated by the veterans at the VA Hospital in Bedford.

Thanks also go out to John “Beezer” Bearse and Jen Raterman who organized and promoted this event so well. In addition, Jen will be posting videos of the event on the yet-to-be-determined website for “Lost”. Lighting equipment was provided by Matt Furman. Due to this event’s popularity, it is hoped that by late summer at the latest, another such event may be scheduled.

Charles B. Church

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