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Odd Souvenir

On Monday, April 26, a resident brought a 37-mm cannon shell to the police station that he’d found rolling around in the drawer of a piece of old furniture he was refinishing. Officer Gregory Newman said he brought the shell to Devens for proper disposal.

Unruly Teen Arrested

On Tuesday afternoon, April 20, Officer Newman responded to a call on Ayer Road, where a resident reported a verbal fight in progress. The caller stated that three young women, maybe about 17 or 18, were causing a disturbance and impeding traffic, “yelling and screaming” at each other while walking in the middle of the road, headed south.

Arriving at the scene, Officer Newman parked his cruiser in a lot across from where he spotted the three girls, still engaged in a loud, verbal battle in the middle of the busy roadway. He asked them to step over to the cruiser so he could find out what the problem was, he said, but one of them vehemently refused, instead flinging a four-letter epithet his way.

Officer Newman, who stands over 6 feet tall and is solidly built, got out of the cruiser. But his size in relation to hers clearly didn’t have the effect one might imagine on the young woman, whose angry, frenzied behavior continued unabated. “I tried to escort her out of the road, but she started flailing her arms,” he said.

One wild swing hit him in the chest and as he tried to pinion her arms, she pulled away and hit him again, he said. He subdued her by maneuvering her onto the ground and pinning her arms down. By this time, an Ayer police officer had arrived and she tried to hit him, too, Newman said. Still fighting, 17-year-old Allison Thurston, of North Attleboro, was placed in the cruiser in handcuffs and told she was under arrest.

Thurston was charged with assault and battery on a police officer and being a disorderly person. She was later released on $200 bail. The police report states that one of the other two teens was from area but it does not mention where the other girl lived. Neither was arrested or charged.

Underage Drinking?

A 17-year old Harvard resident was issued a summons for underage possession of alcohol on Thursday, April 22, after Officer Daniele Fortunato encountered him and a female companion who also lives in town on Mill Road at 2:28 in the morning. Neither of them was of legal drinking age, Detective Jack Izzo said. But only the young man, Will Byler, was charged with the liquor law violation, apparently because he was in possession of the alcohol. The two were transported home.

Mistaken Identity?

A caller reporting suspicious activity at a vacant Oak Hill Road residence Thursday afternoon, April 22, gave police the wrong address. When Sgt. Babu went to the house where the caller reported having seen a black motor vehicle in the driveway and a person loading something into a vehicle out by the barn. He found nothing, Detective Jack Izzo said, so he went to speak to the reporting party. It turned out the caller was mistaken about the house number. He then led Sgt. Babu to the right place.

A subsequent call to the realtor listing the house for sale quickly cleared the matter up. Someone had indeed been at the house, but it was the owners.

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