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Pictured are Gourmet Donut owner Mohammed “Mo” Eldardir along with staff Jen Collechi, Anastasia Debarge and Andrea Zuccamaglio.

TOWNSEND — Gourmet Donuts, located on 210 Main Street in Townsend, opened its doors a year ago and are excited to give back to the customers with a Big First Birthday bash.

The event will be held on May 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the business. There will be free coffee, face painting, balloons and lots of prizes to be given out. Every customer will be given a free donut starting that day and for the two weeks following. Country Dave will also be performing for all to enjoy.

Owners Willie Alnahas, Mohammed “Mo” Eldardir, and Nasser Elgindy feel so fortunate to have a business in Townsend. The business has been growing quickly. This is one of the only stores where the drive-thru is as busy as the inside.

“We have loved this town since day one. It’s like one big happy family here. The support from the community has been great and the positive feedback that we have met customers expectations is incredible,” said Eldardir.

Eldardir feels that Gourmet Donuts takes their business to another level.

“We are very picky about our coffee. We are one of only a few that brews every single flavor. It’s important to always maintain that high level of quality and service,” he said. “I appreciate all the customers that drive by many other competitors and choose to come here. I’m even looking for a home here in Townsend because I like it so much.

Anastasia DeBarge has been an employee of Gourmet Donuts for three years and has been in the Townsend location since it opened.

“We have so many regular customers. I remember their coffee more than their name,” DeBarge said.

DeBarge feels very grateful to work in a place where everyone gets along and treats each other like family. She said she loved working at Gourmet Donuts.

Angie LaFreniere is the store manger of the Townsend location.

“The staff respects her and she gets the job done. She is doing an awesome job,” said Eldardir.

A regular customer, Fred from Townsend, commented that the girls are wonderful and a pleasure and make you feel at home. Gourmet Donuts has been regularly giving back to the town by donating left over doughnuts to the senior population. The owners feel it’s important to give back and help when they can. The staff and the owners of gourmet donuts are looking forward to the upcoming event and letting their customers know that they care and appreciate their business.

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