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TOWNSEND — Cost overruns for snow removal, an emergency generator, and out-of-district tuition headline the Special Town Meeting warrant for Tuesday, May 4.

A Special Town Meeting is held to handle business from the current fiscal year, which ends on June 30. Conversely, the Annual Town Meeting handles business for the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1.

The Special Town Meeting for this spring is scheduled to begin at 7:05 p.m., five minutes after the Annual Town Meeting commences. The articles are as follows:

* Article 1 seeks a transfer of available funds to offset a deficit of $233,954 in the town’s snow-removal budget. The article proposes using free cash to cover that expense.

* Article 4 seeks $3,600 to refurbish and install an emergency generator at the Fire/EMS Department headquarters.

Fire Chief Donald Klein said the funds would be used to relocate an emergency power generator to the Fire Department headquarters, which is currently without auxiliary power. Klein said the generator is being relocated from a communication “repeater” site that helps transmit wireless signals in hilly terrain, adding that site is receiving a new generator.

Klein said this article was inspired by the massive ice storm of 2009, when the Fire Department had to relocate its headquarters for a week because it lost power. Klein added said all other town fire stations already have auxiliary power.

* Article 3 proposes appropriating $7,466.55 to partially fund tuition for a Townsend student attending Norfolk County Agricultural High School. The article was submitted by the Board of Selectmen to cover the town’s tuition obligations under state law, said recently retired selectmen chairman Dave Chenelle.

“It’s a School Choice issue,” he said. “You are required to cover the additional cost of students who go outside the district.”

* Article 2 seeks $2,700 to cover unpaid bills from prior fiscal years. Of that total, $1,200 is for Massachusetts Municipal Association membership dues and the other $1,500 is to pay for software in the town’s assessing department.

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