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PEPPERELL — The Board of Selectmen endorsed two road-acceptance articles, following a pair of public hearings.

The articles, which are on the warrant for the Annual Town Meeting, propose the acceptance of Beaver Creek Road and the Parker Hill Way extension as public roads, meaning the town would have ownership and be obligated to maintain those byways.

Much of the discussion on April 12 was about the Parker Hill Way extension, an extension of roughly 100 feet at the end of a dead-end road.

On one side was resident Bruce Roberts, who said his family paid $10,000 for utility betterments, but hasn’t gotten any benefit from that, because his section of road is not considered public.

Highway Superintendent Peter Shattuck said he was uncomfortable with making that section of road public, because it’s a narrow area that will be difficult to plow.

Board Chairman Joe Sergi pointed out that this proposal had been brought up in the past, to the extent that town meeting had allocated $2,100 to move the project forward. He said he was inclined to follow that direction. Selectman Peter McNabb added the issues with the cars could be worked out.

The selectmen voted 3-0 to endorse the article.

The board had a much briefer discussion on Beaver Creek Road, endorsing the road acceptance after hearing that the article was endorsed by the both the Planning Board and town engineer John Lee.

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