PEPPERELL — Snow removal, unpaid bills and a proposal to relocate some misplaced electrical poles comprise the warrant for the Special Town Meeting, which is scheduled to begin five minutes after the Annual Town Meeting is opened at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 3.

A Special Town Meeting is held to handle business from the current fiscal year, which ends on June 30. Conversely, the Annual Town Meeting handles business for the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1.

The Special Town Meeting articles are as follows:

Article 4 is for an unspecified amount of money to relocate electrical poles, which were mistakenly put on private land near the one of the town’s wells 14 years ago.

The project is being supervised by Department of Public Works Director Bob Lee, who was waiting on a cost figure form National Grid at presstime, but was hoping to have a number ready for town meeting. He added the cost estimate was $10,000, several years ago.

Having worked on this issue the past few years, Lee said this was a supplemental appropriation to get a longtime issue squared away. He said money to fix the problem was appropriated at couple of years ago, and they were able to relocate a driveway and negotiate an easement for a town water line with those funds. However, he said the additional money was needed to relocate the electric poles.

Asked about how this issue came about, Lee said the former Water Department superintendent blamed the project engineer for putting the utilities in the wrong location, whereas the engineer said he was not responsible for anything layout related.

At this point, Lee said his charge is just taking care of the problem.

I’m here to fix it,” he said. “Not to assess blame.”

Article 3 proposes using $25,000 of free cash to help bridge a $41,500 deficit the Highway Department’s snow removal budget.

The funding is cover a cost overrun for road salt, which is being offset in part by $14,000 of unused snow removal overtime and $1,800 of de-icing funds.

This article was unanimously approved by the Finance Committee.

Article 2 proposes using $4,500 of available funds to pay a repair bill from fiscal 2008. The article was submitted the Board of Public Works, which is looking to pay a contractor who repaired a flashing beacon at the intersection of Main, Mill and Canal streets, after an automobile accident a couple of years ago. The town initially attempted to recoup those expenses through the driver’s insurance company, but was unsuccessful, and Lee said the contractor has been waiting payment for over two years.

Finally, Article 1 proposes allocating $562,70 to pay two bills left over from fiscal 2009, which were submitted by the building inspector.