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As the current School Committee year winds down, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Pete Carson and Paul Funch for the years of dedicated service they provided to the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District on behalf of all of us.

They had the best interest of the students in our community at heart, and have worked diligently through some very controversial issues and difficult budgetary constraints. We have all benefited from their input and decision making and I, for one, would like to let them know how much I appreciate the time they’ve contributed and the work they’ve done.

What amazes me though, as Pete and Paul retire from the School Committee, is that no one, not one person in the town of Groton, has taken out papers to run for one of the two open seats. The GDRSD School Committee is responsible for managing a multimillion dollar budget. The GDRSD School Committee is responsible for the superintendent of schools – the educational leader of our community. The GDRSD School Committee is responsible for negotiating contracts, creating terms that properly reward the wonderful teachers in the district so that they, in turn, will give their all to meet the diversified needs of each and every student.

Sounds like a lot of responsibility; it is. Sounds too difficult to do; it’s not. If you have budgetary skills, or good communications skills, or patience, or an educational background, or the ability to develop consensus, you could contribute positively to the school district. If you have an interest in our district maintaining a high quality of education, of making the best use of resources available, of motivating the district staff, of reaching all the children of our district, you could contribute positively to the school district.

Some people believe that being on the School Committee is a thankless job, but looking for thanks shouldn’t be the goal; helping to develop great citizens of tomorrow should be the goal.

Please seriously consider your personal ability to take a seat on the GDRSD School Committee to help guide our district in a constructive, positive, educational direction for the future. Enhancing the lives of our students, engaging the community in the district, and inspiring the staff of the GDRSD to perform to the best of their ability can only result in a better town and a better tomorrow.

Again, hats off to Pete Carson and Paul Funch, and here’s to two more great residents stepping up to take their place.