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PEPPERELL — The promised play structures for the Pepperell Town Field should begin to sprout up with the spring flowers later this May. Since the group’s inception in 2006, the Friends of Pepperell has focused its efforts on community improvements. Determined to provide a public play area for local children, fundraising goals have centered around the purchase of new structures for use on the Town Field.

These fundraisers include an annual Town Wide Yard Sale entering its third year, the Annual Bike Sale, Pepperell-opoly game sales, four years of Halloween Costume Sales and collaboration with Century 21 on a Holiday House Tour.

“It has taken us a while to get to this point, but we have made great progress, slow and steady with a core group of dedicated volunteers. Our yard sale locations have doubled, nearly 500 bikes have been recycled through donations to the annual sale and we raised more than $20,000 with Pepperell-opoly,” said Sue Boswell.

Boswell proudly explained that this current project will have an immediate impact on the town. More than 100 children who enjoy the Pepperell Summer Playground program will have a great new space to play. Hundreds more are sure to take advantage of the area during the farmer’s markets, summer band concerts, sports activities and various other events at the Town Field.

“We have two significant events on April 17, the Town Wide Yard Sale and Used Bike Sale. Proceeds from these events will determine the number of pieces we can purchase for the initial installation at Town Field. Community participation in registering a yard sale, donating or purchasing a bike, or simply making a donation is critical to our success,” Boswell added.

To garner that support, Boswell would like the community to get better acquainted with the plans. According to Boswell, a playground vendor has been selected and a deal negotiated to purchase at least five brand new play pieces, with a goal of seven pieces based on the final bottom line.

Boswell also emphasized the Friends of Pepperell want to maximize the project’s potential every step of the way and keep up the flow of information. The actual selection of play pieces was dependent on the ability for more than one child to play at any time. She explains: “For instance, we selected a slide with three ways down; a spinning carousel with room for at least six children and a bank of swings with at least six swings.” A large scale drawing of the most recent plans will be on display at the upcoming Egg Hunt and can be found at

Tentative plans include a “community installation” over Memorial Day weekend, with a weekend or two scheduled in advance for site preparation. It’s an open call for volunteers of every kind; families interested in helping on-site or behind the scenes, landscapers with equipment, time and know-how to assist with land preparation, anyone with a post-hole digger, tractors, masonry expertise and a willingness to be part of history in the making.

With the playground’s finish line in sight, the members are busy “crossing T’s and dotting I’s”. The group is on the agenda for the upcoming selectmen’s meeting and awaiting word if an appearance at the May Town Meeting is necessary. Meetings have already taken place with the Highway Department to assess feasibility and review the final layout.

“We are very appreciative of all the support we have received so far. And, we are so glad to deliver so much value without incurring costs to residents, this will not be a financial burden on the town and it will bring a long overdue upgrade to the public play space in town. We expect more parents will stay in town and, in turn, fuel our local economy,” continues Boswell.

The Friends of Pepperell are determined to stay on track with their objectives, and Boswell says the group is aware of many circumstances facing the town. They are in touch with the community, “Our published goals and objectives have been to improve the public play space. Following this accomplishment, we will proceed with other outdoor recreational objectives from the wish list we have had since our inception.”

Boswell credits the “great group of women” who has been working together for many years, fundraisers that are fun and “green” as they keep items out of the landfills and public events that get the community involved for the Friends of Pepperell’s running success.

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