TOWNSEND — The Board of Selectmen approved 15 new standardized policies for the Police Department that Chief Erving Marshall Jr. recommended Tuesday.

The board previously approved six policies and the department expects to eventually have a total of 40 standardized policies, Marshall said.

“They cover, basically, everything we do,” he said.

The policies meet the standards required to achieve accreditation from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission, Marshall said.

“Our goal is to have a self-assessment done, I think, in August, which is the first step toward certification,” he said.

Certification is required before accreditation.

The policies approved Tuesday include standardized procedures for vehicular pursuits, preliminary investigations, interviewing victims and witnesses, stop and frisk and threshold inquiries, searches and seizures, search warrants and affidavits, legal process, arrests, interrogating suspects and arrestees, testifying in court, detainee processing, detaining prisoners, media relations, written directive system, and collection and preservation of evidence.

Selectman Chairman David R. Chenelle, who is a lawyer, said the language in the policies is well written.

The general counsel for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association provided the wording, Marshall said.

“They were basically boiler plate but tailored down” to the town’s needs, he said.

Selectman Bob Plamondon, who works at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Bedford, said he appreciates the attention given to caring for suicidal detainees.

“I’m glad to see there is a particular provision on how to deal with that,” Plamondon said.

Marshall credited Lt. David Profit with assembling the policies.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Selectman Sue Lisio.

In other business, the board and Board of Library Trustees unanimously appointed Patricia Thomas Jeanig to fill Cheryl Simoneau’s un-expired term as a trustee Tuesday.

Jeanig’s term will run until the April 26 elections when a candidate will be elected to fill the final year of the three-year term.

“She is very qualified and has been very active in the library in many aspects,” said Trustee Co-chair Suzanne Doust during her recommendation. “We feel she is the proper person.”

Town Administrator Gregory W. Barnes announced the town has received $53,730 in federal stimulus funding through the state Department of Energy Resources for thermal efficiency projects on three municipal buildings.

The West Townsend Meeting Room and West Townsend Fire Station will each get a new boiler and insulation, Barnes said.

The Hart Library building will get a new boiler and window glazing, he said.

“It is our expectation with these improvements we will be further cutting back on the town’s utility bill,” Barnes said.

Each building is expected to get a boiler powered by natural gas, he said.

Selectmen approved Fire Chief Donald Klein’s recommendation to sell a 1985 Seagraves ladder truck to Protection Fire Company Number 2, of Newbury, for $8,000.

The Fire Department bought a new ladder truck last June.

Klein said the department advertised the truck on Craig’s List, the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts Web site, and a fire service magazine for three months.

The truck’s estimated value is $8,000 to $10,000 but most of the offers were for $1,000 or $1,500, Klein said.