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TOWNSEND — Selectmen Chairman David Chenelle made it official this week. He is stepping down after four years on the board and will not seek re-election.

Chenelle made the announcement as he read the April election schedule to listening television viewers. He has served as selectman for one year of the unfinished term of former selectman Peter Collins and the three years of his succeeding elective term.

“I came to the conclusion after talking it over with my wife,” he said.

“We’ll miss you very much,” Selectman Robert Plamondon said. “I’ve enjoyed working with you these past four years. It’s been a pleasure. I respect your decision. I wish it were otherwise.”

Selectman Sue Lisio concurred.

Chenelle, attempting to lighten the mood, said, “I want to sit out there and throw peanuts at you guys.î

He said he knows at least one potential candidate has taken out papers.

Town Clerk Susan Funaiole has announced that the last day to obtain nomination papers is Friday, March 5. The last day to submit papers to registrars is Monday, March 8. The last day to file them is March 22 and the last day on which to object or withdraw is March 24.

Residents may register to vote until the end of April. The election is April 26. Polls are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The following elected positions are open. Thus far only three have had no interest. The list of offices includes:

* Selectman, three years.

* Board of Assessors, three years, John Wittemore, incumbent.

* Cemetery/Park Commissioner, three years, Raymond Boyes Sr., incumbent.

* Board of Health, three years, Michelle Dold, incumbent.

* Library Trustee, two and three years, Karin Canfield and Terry Duggan incumbents.

* Library Trustee, one year, no candidate.

* Planning Board, five years, Jeffrey Peduzzi, incumbent.

* Recreation Commission, three years, Diane Morin, incumbent.

* Trustees of Soldiers Memorials Non-vet, three years, no candidate.

* Trustees of Soldiers Memorials Veteran, three years, Walter Mann, incumbent.

* Amanda E. Dwight Entertainment, three years, no candidate.

* North Middlesex Regional School District Committee (Townsend representative), three years, Susan Robbins, incumbent.

* Board of Water Commissioners, three years, Niles Busler, incumbent.

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