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TOWNSEND — The Conservation Commission, with selectmen’s endorsement, is planning an update to the town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, looking for volunteers to flesh out a seven to nine-person Open Space Committee.

Interested residents are asked to submit a volunteer response form to the commission or town clerk. Those with questions may call Karen Chapman at 978-597-1723.

Selectmen Chairman David Chenelle read the commission’s request at Tuesday night’s selectmen’s meeting.

The Open Space and Recreation Plan is critical to land-use planning because it establishes goals for use of natural resources while allowing for population growth, protection of habitats, parks and outdoor recreation facilities.

In short, the planning “provides the opportunity to assess where we are, where we would like to go and how we might get there,” commissioners wrote in a memo to the board.

Volunteers are sought who have experience, involvement or interest in any of the following areas: open space: land- use planning; recreation and playgrounds; managing environmental and natural resources; rare and endangered species; trail development and use; preservation of community character and landscape; or agricultural resources.

The update might take as long as one year, but all volunteers might not be involved in all aspects. The committee may meet once or twice a month as work requires and there could be subcommittees formed.

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