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Pepperell’s Cub Scout Pack 14 gathered at the Community Center for its monthly meeting on Jan. 8. Despite a bit of snow and frigid temperatures, the large crowd warmed up with excitement around the indoor campfire.

The night was particularly prestigious for the Den 4 Tigers who lead both the Opening and Closing ceremonies. Den Leader George Crochiere explains, “All 16 boys in the den earned their Tiger Badge, working with their families toward the accomplishment in very good time.”

The following boys were recognized during the ceremony with the Tiger Advancement: Chad Baker, Luke Boccelli, Blake Bosworth, Sean Carroll, Jacob Copson, Duff Crochiere, Gordon Crochiere, Aaron Crouse, Jack Galligan, Jacob Gillogly, Sean Hayward, Brandon Marcoux, Chris Mucci, Cam Roberts, Evan Walters, and Jonathon Yencho.

The Tiger Cub Motto is “Search, Discover, Share.” The requirements for the Tiger Badge are based on giving Scouts the opportunity to search the world around them, discover new skills and share their experiences with others. Activities are designed to strengthen relationships while having fun.

The Tiger badge is the first badge that requires the Scout to complete projects with family members, their Den and travel to site or events — affectionately called “Go See Its.” Having already earned their Tiger Cub emblem, (which is a tiger paw with strings for beads) the boys then work toward the Tiger Badge.

The Tiger Badge is awarded only if five beads of each color are earned as follows: orange beads for den activities, white beads for family activities and black beads are for “Go See It” events.

Several of the boys mentioned the “Go See Its” as their favorite part of working toward their badge. The Den traveled to several sites including the Pepperell Police Station, Nashoba Publishing, Fruitlands Museum, a North Middlesex basketball game and the SEE Science Center.

Crochiere notes that the January pack meeting was an exceptional event because an entire Den rarely earns the badge at the same time — usually a few boys are awarded the achievement each month and it’s not uncommon for some boys to never finish. What’s more, the group at 16 Scouts exceeds the normal Den size of six to 12 boys.

The Tigers are all in first grade at the very beginning of the journey to becoming a Boy Scout. At the Tiger stage, the boys are always working with their parent or guardian and as they get older there will be an increasing amount of Den and independent work required.

Crochiere earned his Eagle Scout award and acknowledges his parents who were both active leaders. He says that he is glad to be back in Scouting again and credits all the families with tremendous involvement and commitment. Crochiere awarded his boys Duff and Gorden their badge while Assistant Den Leader Paul Boccelli also presented one to his son Luke.

Pack 14 is comprised of four dens and is lead by Cub Master Keith Harris. For more information visit

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