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As the holiday season surrounds us, spending time with family and friends becomes a big part of our schedules. We enjoy parties with decorations, music and lots of good food and cheer.

For seniors who live on their own and are not able to get around as well as the rest of us, it is very different. That is why our volunteers are extraordinary to us, especially at holiday times.

Kitchen volunteers prepare and pack hot meals to be delivered to those who are not able to get their own meals. Meals on Wheels drivers pick up the hot meals at the center and deliver them. For some, the Meals on Wheels driver may be the only person that senior sees the whole day. Friendly visitors who have adopted a senior make home visits, keep in touch, and sometimes take their “friend” out for a bite to eat or even to their house for a family gathering or holiday.

When the phone rings and a wellness call volunteer is at the other end of the phone just to say “Hi” and to chat for a while, it is often a high point of the day for that senior. When a single volunteer or a group of students shows up at a senior’s home to deliver a basket of goodies, it can mean all the difference in the world for him/her. After an illness or a trip to the hospital, a card or letter from someone who cares can help that senior recover faster so he/she can get back to their normal life.

Volunteers help to prepare meals, set tables and welcome newcomers at the center. They help lead discussions, teach classes, sit on boards, plan programs and decorate the center for all seasons. The volunteers are an extension of the staff and have helped to make the Groton Senior Center the busy energetic place it is today.

Truly, we don’t thank our wonderful volunteers enough for all of the work you do to make this Senior Center and this town a better place to live for our elderly. At this special time of year, we would like to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a New Year filled with health and happiness.


from the staff at the

Groton Senior Center