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A thank-you to all who participated in the Ayer and Shirley Republican Town Committee’s “Cookie Drop” this year. The shipments of boxes have just arrived in Afghanistan for the Marine Unit in time for the holidays. Unit Commander Capt. Gorman, sent this note:

“We recently received your generously donated supply packages for the Marines of 2/2. We would like to take the time to personally thank you for your contribution and to tell you a little about the Marines and Sailors you are helping. Diane Hanley sent us some of the pictures showing the hard work and selfless dedication of everyone who helped pack and organize this massive endeavor. We are truly grateful.

“All the Marines and Sailors here are working very hard in conjunction with the Afghan National Army (ANA) to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Marines work very long and sometimes swing-shift hours to ensure that the people of Afghanistan can find safety in their markets and in their homes. Not only are the Marines generous with all their time but they also give up personal items and food to help support the children in the area. Partnering with the Afghan National Government we have been able to make a real difference in the lives of the families here. Most importantly though, we are helping to secure a safe and prosperous future for Afghanistan’s future, its children.

“The current situation here is austere. At the end of the day, the packages that you sent help provide for all Marines and Sailors the knowledge that no matter what they had to do that day, how many hours they worked, or what time they had to get up in the morning, when they finish their hard day’s work, they can find health and comfort items waiting for them. The best reward a Marine or Sailor can find is a package from home telling them that they are not forgotten, all their efforts are not going unnoticed and they are being take care of, too.

“Thank you for your generous support and from all the Marines and Sailors of 2/2, have a safe and happy holiday season. We will be careful to ensure that each Marine receives a box as the remaining boxes flow into our Operating Base.”


Marines and Sailors of Easy Company, 2nd BN. 2nd Marines

Attached is a photo of members of Easy Company receiving the last of the 203 boxes that came through the Ayer Post Office! These marines are nowhere near any kind of civilization this holiday time, as evidenced by the picture. The 5th Annual Operation Cookie Drop has been successful, thanks to all who contributed time and goods.

We’ll be doing this again with a “Christmas in July” effort. Keep this wonderful effort in mind.



Operation Cookie Drop