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Horsing around

Early Tuesday morning, Dec. 1, a horse was seen loose on Bolton Road by a resident on nearby Slough Road, who took the animal into an empty stall in her stable and called police. The animal control officer was contacted to track down the owner. While on patrol Monday afternoon, Dec. 7, Officer Gregory Newman spied a white horse running loose on Littleton Road. He surmised the animal came from a nearby residence with a corral and contacted the owner.

Out for a walk

A caller reported on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 2, that a couple of llamas and sheep were wandering loose at the McCurdy track on Lancaster County Road. The owners were contacted to round up their animals.

Erratic operation

Boxborough police alerted police in Harvard that a vehicle had been seen operating erratically on Mass Avenue near the town line, reportedly swerving, speeding up and slowing down. It turned out the driver was a town resident on his way home from a stay in the hospital. The man, who lives on Ayer Road, said he was fine, just taking his time and being cautious, Officer Gregory Newman said.

False alarm

A caller reported to police early Wednesday evening, Dec. 2, that he’d been “flagged down” near St. Benedict Abbey on Still River Road and asked to call E-911 about a fight in progress. According to the caller, the person said two people in separate motor vehicles were involved in the alleged altercation. However, it turned out that there was no bad blood, only workers in a couple of parked vehicles talking loudly to each other and “fooling around,” Officer Newman said.

Domestic resolved

Police went to a local residence late Thursday night, Dec. 3, after someone in the home hung up on an E-911 call. A mother and her adult daughter were involved in a verbal argument, but said they did not need assistance. The mother said she was about to take her daughter to the train station, Officer Newman said.

Tree down, no fire

On a very windy morning, Thursday, Dec. 3, a report of a tree across the road on Mass Avenue with wires down and on fire was only partly correct. The tree was down, but there was no fire. The Fire Department was called out, just in case, and Mass Highway came out, too,Officer Gregory Newman said. The area — near Old Sherry Road and the Boxborough town line — was cordoned off for about four hours while National Grid worked to reattach the downed wires, he said.

Almost an accident?

A woman called police late Thursday afternoon, Dec. 3, to report a near-miss at the Westbound off-ramp of Route 2 on Ayer Road. The caller said another vehicle had run the Stop sign and she had to swerve to avoid a collision. The other vehicle almost hit her, the woman said. The registration number she provided was traced to a town resident. When contacted by a police officer, the man recalled the incident but downplayed its seriousness, Officer Newman said.

Hit and run

A tractor-trailer truck plowed into a guardrail on Ayer Road at the intersection of Lancaster County Road Thursday night, Dec. 3, and kept going, according to an eyewitness. Although the damaged guardrail near the post office confirmed the accident, there was no sign of the truck. Without a company logo or plate number, there’s no way to identify it or the driver, Officer Newman said. Mass state police and Ayer police were notified.