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HARVARD — Overall, the state average for voter turnout for Tuesday’s statewide U.S. Senate primary race was low. But here in Harvard, the voter turnout was effectively 46 percent.

“It’s because of the dual election that we pulled the numbers,” said Vellante, who added that otherwise, “I don’t think we would have had the numbers.” Though she did add, “Harvard is a politically active town, and we are consistently higher than the state average. But I don’t know if we would have run that high” without the simultaneous special selectmen’s race.

And in the selectmen’s race, it was a horse race, but Finance Committee member Marie Sobalvarro won with a 34-vote edge over her challenger, FIAT and EDAT leader Bill Johnson.

While 34 votes may seem close, it is not sparking any talk of a recount. Town Clerk Janet Vellante says, as the town’s vhief election official, that as of Tuesday morning, there was no request for one. “Nothing forces a recount unless a candidate requests one in writing,” Vellante said. And Johnson confirmed Wednesday morning that he will not make the request, stating “absolute confidence” in the election officials’ tally.

But it was closer in 1995. “We had a dead tie for selectmen once,” recalled Vellante. There were two selectmen’s seats open with three candidates in the race. The frontrunner in the vote tally easily secured one seat. But there was, at first, a tie between the other two for second seat between Bob Lerner and Stan Suchecki. “One requested a recount, and it clarified” the totals, said Vellante. Those were the days of paper ballots, and a handcount error was discovered and rectified, giving the seat over to Lerner.

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