TOWNSEND — Even though the new library and senior center complex has been open since the end of October, work has continued behind the scenes to empty out the former senior center and figure out the workings of the complicated computerized heating and lighting system in the new building, said Town Administrator Greg Barnes.

Barnes told selectmen last week that a lot of time is being spent on the new building ironing out late-appearing glitches such as lights coming on at odd hours without the help of the installation company who, Barnes said, hadn’t been returning calls.

Addressing selectmen concerns, Barnes said that not only is Facility Maintenance Coordinator Marc Mercurio training on the system but both he and IT guru Steve Cloutier are working with it.

Following recent Special Town Meeting approval, selectmen assigned Mercurio a higher salary classification based upon the larger than anticipated amount of work the new complex has created. The coordinator’s position itself is new this year, approved as a cost saving effort coupled with a shift to a contracted cleaning service.

“We are eagerly awaiting the first utility bill,” Barnes said.

The move out of the old senior center to the new has involved a one week extension of rent payments at the old site. The old building’s $1,200 per month lease was supposed to end in October but the town has been pro-rating rent on a per week basis while the moving was being done. Barnes said the fire and maintenance departments have been helping move heavier items.

Establishments receive liquor and entertainment licenses

The board reviewed and signed 2010 alcoholic beverages and entertainment licenses for the town’s list of establishments, which, Barnes noted, are more numerous than the casual observer would think.

The licenses were approved contingent upon a valid certificate of inspection by the building commissioner and signature by Fire Chief Don Klein.

Restaurant all alcoholic licenses were signed off to: Check Siel Yu, Season’s Palace #3, Inc., dba Yee’s Village; Brian O’Connell, Cosimi Catering Corp., dba Bistro on the Green; Mike Far Liang, Courmet House, Inc.; Robert Dickhaut, Cooperage, Inc., dba Townsend House; and Albert S. Mariano, Jr., Bailey’s Bar & Grill LLC.

Package Store all alcoholic licenses went approved to: John L. Caten, Jr., Hayward & Caten Inc., dba Townsend Package Store; and Steven Kasper, dba The Old Brick Store.

Common victuler’s licenses were approved for: Terri Roy, Townsend VFW Post 6538; Brian O’ Connell, Cosimi Catering Corp., dba Bistro on the Green; Robert Dickhaut, Cooperage, Inc., dba The Townsend House; Gregory Frediani, Townsend Pizza, Inc; Steven Kasper, dba The Old Brick Store; Mike Far Liang, The Gourmet House; Alliance Energy LLC, dba Mike’s Mart; Check Siel Yu, Yee’s Village; Thomas Panagiotes, The Ice Cream Factory; Ashraf Soliman, Pizza Pizzaz; Terrance Knapp, Victory Distributors, dba Hannaford Brothers, Inc; Ronald Kirwood, McNabb’s Pharmacy; Glen Shepherd, Brick Steamer; Mohamed Eldardir, Apricot Donuts, Inc., dba Gourmet Donuts; and Albert S. Mariano, Jr., Bailey’s Bar & Grill, Inc.

General entertainment licenses were approved for The Townsend House, VFW Post 6538, Bistro on the Green, The Gourmet House, Yee’s Village and Bailey’s Bar & Grill.

Sunday entertainment licenses were approved for VFW Post 6538, Bistro on the Green, Yee’s Village and Bailey Bar & Grill.

Additional business

In other business, selectmen last week accepted a $9,700 grant from the Executive Office of Public Safety Highway Division for traffic enforcement mobilizations and equipment.

The board accepted a $2,981.60 grant for the Board of Health to reimburse the cost of supporting the H1N1 flu clinic for such things as police details etc.

Selectmen appointed William Martin as Constable through June 30, 2010 contingent upon his providing a constable bond to the town clerk as required by state law.