TOWNSEND — Earth moving equipment is long gone, lights are on and users are nice and warm. Floors and windows gleam, artwork lines the walls.

More classes than ever are running at the senior center where library patrons enjoy a spacious, well-lit facility. Townsend’s new building is serving the town in grand style.

Now that everyone has moved into the building that was built and donated by Sterilite, the users need to fine-tune the management of the state-of-the-art facility.

The Meeting Hall Committee was formed to address some of these issues. With three at-large members and one member each from the senior center and the library, the committee represents varied interests in the town.

The committee is responsible for scheduling activities in the new meeting hall. Patrons can access the schedule of events by following the events tab on the library’s Web site

As the building is used, members of the staff and the committee are discovering things that need to ironed out. Some of the problems are easily solved such as where items should be stored.

They are still working out details of when rooms should be open and who is responsible for the security of the rooms.

Other issues require more effort. The lighting and heating system are all computer controlled.

Mark Mercurio, recently named Townsend’s Facility maintenance coordinator, met with the committee to discuss any issues in running the building.

Town personnel are still learning to control systems in the building. Mercurio said vendors still need to come in and run training sessions on some of these computer controlled systems.

People from the senior center, library and the meeting hall committee will be invited to these meetings as they are scheduled. He said Town Administrator Greg Barnes plans on attending the sessions as well.

People at the site are working together to identify any future problem areas. Knowing how to use the computer controlled systems will make things easier. Cathy Hill, the library representative on the committee said, “If someone has a light issue,” and Mercurio finished her sentence, “you can access it from home.”

The committee will also set policies for the meeting hall. They are working with Alice Struthers, a Townsend resident, on a policy for art exhibits in the meeting hall and in the hallways.

The group is also working on a facility gift donation policy. Mercurio said Barnes is working on a procedure for requesting maintenance for the building.

Kinks in the day to day running of the building are also being addressed. The town hired a cleaning service for some of the town buildings.

“I met with the vendor yesterday,” Mercurio said. “They apologized for errors in the past and they’re really eager to work with us.”

The new building has heated sidewalks, but he is still preparing for winter snow removal. A new snow blower will arrive soon. Mercurio said it will be stored behind the police station for the time being.