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In observance of Candle Safety Awareness Day, proclaimed by the Legislature as the second Monday in December, State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan announced that Monday, Dec. 14 will be Candle Safety Awareness Day this year and advises consumers to use candles safely during this holiday season, and throughout the year.

In 2000, a candle that was left unattended caused a four-alarm fire in a multi-family house in Belmont. Despite the smoke the fifth grader went to the second and third floors to alert others in the building of danger. He helped his grandmother to safety by leading her downstairs using the second way out. Arriving firefighters noticed the boy in his stocking feet in the freezing cold attending to his grandmother outside of their home.

State Fire Marshal Coan said, “There have been many recent fires started after a candle was left burning unattended on a bedside table or a window shelf. I can’t stress enough – when you leave the room, blow the candle out.”

He added, “Many of the holidays celebrated at this time of year use candles. Unfortunately, with increased candle use at this time of year we also see a jump in candle fires. December 24 is the day on which the most candle fires occur. Please practice safe candle use and keep candles away from holiday decorations.”

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