Acorn Deck House Company re-emerges after yearlong absence


ACTON — After an absence of slightly more than a year, the widely popular prefabricated Acorn Homes, Deck Houses and NextHouse homes are once again available to the public. The new owner of Acorn Deck House Company, Trudeau Homes International, already has begun building new homes and is filling orders for additions and remodeling projects on existing homes. The company also is working on designs for new home models and will introduce them soon.

There are more than 20,000 Acorn Homes and Deck Houses worldwide. In October 2008, many observers in the home industry believed the last of them had been constructed when Empyrean International, the former owner, ceased to exist in the midst of one of the largest downturns in the housing market in American history.

“Although we only resurrected the Acorn Homes, Deck Houses and NextHouse brands about 10 weeks ago, our team has been incredibly busy,” Trudeau Homes International Chief Executive Officer Tom Trudeau said. “My philosophy is that building a home should be the fulfillment of the American dream. We’re very happy with the jump-start success of our company.”

Trudeau, a builder by trade and entrepreneur in spirit, said that his company has rehired many of the skilled craftsmen who had been building the components used in Acorn, Deck House and NextHouse homes for years. In addition, he has streamlined and reorganized the manufacturing process to be more efficient and productive.

“In the short term, we are very busy taking care of the needs of existing owners,” Trudeau said when asked about the future of the company. “Current owners and builders are extremely happy that they can once again order upgrades and new products for their homes. We also have quite a few new projects in development here in America and overseas.”

In the long term, Trudeau is highly optimistic about the custom, prefabricated home market based on his firm belief that home construction is clearly superior when performed in a climate-controlled, highly precise manufacturing environment. In addition to his dedication to quality construction, Trudeau believes expanding business relationships with developers, builders, architects and others in the home industry will be key to the company’s growth.

“The future of Acorn Deck House is really quite simple. We will continue designing and building custom homes using our proven prefabrication systems,” he said. “We’re also developing new plans to meet the increasing demand for smaller customized homes that are energy efficient. If we do all those things right, and we will, our company has a very bright future. We’re thrilled to offer the Acorn, Deck House and NextHouse brands to our customers.”

With a history dating back to 1947, the Acorn Deck House Company creates contemporary livable homes for people who want unique architecture that reflects their site and inspires life. Custom designed and crafted for the individual’s lifestyle, the homes reflect how you live. Every home is meticulously constructed by dedicated craftsmen, carefully planned to maximize the best aspects of site and designed with respect to each customer’s budget.

For more information on the new Acorn Deck House Company, go to or call 800-727-3325.