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TOWNSEND — Anybody who was anyone even remotely connected with construction of the new library-senior center-meeting room complex and a Who’s Who of the town’s citizenry attended a private reception Tuesday night, three days before the official dedication set for Oct. 31.

Hosted by construction coordinator Gary Shepherd, who named virtually everyone without referring to a list, the guest of honor was Albert Stone, chairman of the board of plastics maker, Sterilite Corporation.

Stone donated the library/senior center complex, as well as the new highway garage to an astonished and thankful community in honor of the town’s 275th anniversary. The actual cost of the projects is unknown but speculation puts it at least in the $25 million range.

Ceremonies were held under the vaulted ceiling of the community room where guests dined on hors de oeuvres, desserts, wine and cheese provided by Cliff’s Café of Townsend Center.

Shepherd, who acted as liaison between Stone and the town, made special mention of the work done by the Library Trustees Endowment Committee, which has raised an income stream of over $400,000, money never seen before, to guarantee the library’s future for next generations.

Pointing to the room’s large twin movie screens, a partition to allow multiple functions and a full-service kitchen, Shepherd said, “We are only limited by what we can imagine.”

“Now that we can see what all have contributed, we need to remember it was not possible without the unsung heroes that go to work each day to make the corporation that made this happen,” he said. “If not for each one doing their job unnoticed each day we wouldn’t have this building.”

Stone was called to the front of the room where state Rep. Robert Hargraves presented him with a proclamation signed by all 160 members of the Great and General Court of Massachusetts.

Hargraves noted how fitting it is to have the senior center carry the name Roy and Nancy Shepherd and the library to be named for former selectman Richard Collette, and his wife Irene.

“And no one’s mentioned this young man, Gary Shepherd,” Hargraves added.

“I don’t know what to say,” said an obviously pleased Stone.

“First, I endorse what Bob said about Gary,” he said, adding, tongue in cheek, “I taught him all he knows. Secondly (Gary) neglected to mention himself.”

“Planning began five years ago. Gary gave 110 percent and his fingerprints are on every aspect of it. I hope the town of Townsend will enjoy this place for a long, long time,” Stone said.

“I do it for love of community but Al is a friend of mine,” Shepherd said.

Selectmen Chairman David Chenelle presented Stone with a handmade African supplewood plaque produced by Townsend woodcarver Floyd Truitt.

“Everyone knows his work,” Chenelle said of Truitt. “But now a quick word about Al Stone who said ‘Wow, this is a nice building. I think it’ll do.’

“On behalf of the town, thank you for this tremendous gift … and we welcome any more you can give, Chenelle said to chuckles.

Town Clerk Susan Funaiole presented Stone with a U.S. flag that had been flown over the nation’s Capitol on Oct. 23 at the request of Congressman John Olver. A certificate read that it was done in respect for to Sterilite and its employees with grateful appreciation from Townsend employees to your employees,” Funaiole said.

Library director Heidi Fowler presented Stone with the first library card, quickly handing him a pen to sign it. Stone did, with a smile.

Ceremonies concluded with an 18-minute slide show of construction projected onto the twin cellular-control drop-down screens and set to music played on a room-filling digital audio system.

Doors were opened to allow guests to perambulate through the amazingly spacious, impeccably executed building.

Particularly striking were the large stone fireplace and stuffed chairs in the senior center, numerous large solar lights in the children’s library affording a view of the sky, and the immense archway above the library, which dwarfed the hundreds in attendance.

The formal dedication will take place on Saturday at 10:30 a.m.