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LOWELL — New details have emerged about a homeless Fitchburg man who is accused of trying to rape a woman on an Ayer bike path, as he goes before a judge today to argue he is not a danger to society.

Scott W. Risko, 41, whose last address is Fitchburg, is scheduled to appear in Lowell Superior Court for a dangerousness hearing to determine if he should continue to be held without bail.

Risko has pleaded innocent to assault to rape, kidnapping and three counts of assault and battery.

According to court documents, after Risko’s arrest on Aug. 16, police searched a backpack he was carrying and found women’s underwear, a pair of little girl’s underpants, condoms and a digital camera.

Police obtained a search warrant to look at the photos on the camera and found photos of the clothed buttocks of women in public places. There were no photos of the alleged victim in this case.

Prosecutors allege that on that Sunday, the 37-year-old woman kissed her husband goodbye and then left for an early-morning jog along the rail trial in Ayer. At about 6:45 a.m., Risko allegedly approached the woman from the opposite direction on a bicycle, and after passing the woman, allegedly assaulted her by hooking his arm around her neck.

The woman screamed, struggled and pulled away. Risko allegedly assaulted her again by grabbing her and attempting to throw her to the ground. The woman fought and scratched to get free.

At one point the woman freed herself, but Risko allegedly grabbed her again and and kneeled on top of her.

Neighbors heard the woman’s screams and yelled to her. That’s when Risko allegedly got off her and jumped on his bicycle.

He began pedaling in the direction of the downtown until he saw a neighbor on her porch with a phone in her hand. He turned his bicycle around and headed toward Groton.

Police were able to obtain a detailed description of the suspect and just minutes after the attack, Ayer Police Officer Matthew Power stopped Risko on Groton School Road.

The alleged victim identified Risko.

Risko denied any connection to the crime.

In his backpack, police also found a black do-rag, black pants and a blue sweatshirt that matched the description of the clothing her attacker wore.