I just wanted to share my interesting encounter with the Littleton Police Department during my commute to my place of employment.

With the seemingly never ending road work being done on Route 110, I attempt to time our departure time and/or try to find ways around the congestion on that particular road. So imagine my surprise, and judging by the number of fellow travelers who either preceded or followed me as I attempted to turn (as I have done on countless mornings) left onto New Estate Road to avoid some of the congestion, to find two Littleton officers blocking our path and ordering us to pull over and produce our paperwork. Then said officers questioned my ability to see when I inquired as to why I was being detained. I was told I could no longer turn left onto New Estate Road and that there were a “couple” of signs clearly stating that fact.

While I maintain close to 20/20 vision, I apparently was not the only “sight challenged” driver that morning! I never saw any signs and apparently neither did the other drivers stopped that morning. Also no reason was given for the rather odd decision to not allow us to turn left on that particular morning. I was sorely tempted to turn around and make a supposed “legal” right turn onto said road to observe what action would have been taken by the officers. After all of this enormous waste of time, I was told to turn around and return to the grid locked traffic instead of being allowed to simply take my “verbal” slap on the wrist and continue through New Estate Road. This resulted in my being almost 45 minutes late to my job. On my drive home I drove slowly looking left and right, searching, as it were for this elusive no left turn sign. To my dismay the sign was never sighted!

So in closing I thank the folks who in their infinite wisdom deduced that making New Estate Road a “no left turn” street, when the mere working class people are only trying to get to our prospective jobs in a timely manner. With the economy being as fragile as it is I truly hope that nobody lost their jobs so that the Littleton “Powers That Be” could flex their muscles.